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Announcing Ranching.com – Ranchers Helping Ranchers

Announcing Ranching.com At Last, Something That’s Free and Useful There’s a pearl of cowboy wisdom that none of us should ever forget. “If it’s free, take it. And if it’s useful, keep it.” The problem is, the combination of both free and useful seem to be in short supply these days. Fortunately, that’s not the […]

Hay Production Records

How to track hay production in CattleMax New Feature – Hay Production With haying season well underway in most areas and finished in others, keeping an accurate inventory of hay quantity and types can play a big role in your herd management. The Hay Production feature in CattleMax allows you to keep track of your […]

Verification Program Audits made easy with the Ranch Verification Organizer​

Take the hassle out of the audit process with verified programs Ranch Verification Organizer In today’s times, getting the most for your animals is crucial. Many cattle producers have begun participating in verification programs to earn premiums when selling their cattle. These programs often have specific management requirements that are verified in annual audits. In […]

View Historical Inventories with the Inventory Time Machine

How to get a your herd inventory as of a previous date in time New Feature – Inventory Time Machine As cattle producers, we all need, at times, to produce an active cattle inventory report for a date in the past. After months of testing, we are pleased to announce the Inventory Time Machine feature. […]

Sharing a copy of your CattleMax records with your customers

How to Share CattleMax cattle records with your customers New Feature – CattleMax Cattle Records Sharing process For years, CattleMax customers have been able to share data with their customers conveniently and sometimes even receive premiums on their cattle by doing so. Often this was done by printing reports or exporting data to spreadsheets. As […]

Pasture activity tracking and hay production

Mange your pastures with CattleMax New Pasture Activity records As cattle producers, pasture management is an essential piece of the puzzle. Managing pastures can involve several steps and correct timing. CattleMax is proud to announce enhancements to the pasture management capabilities included in all CattleMax plans.  Within the pastures section of CattleMax, you now have […]

Heat Tracking Feature

How to track heats in CattleMax New Feature – Heat Tracking As cattle producers, breeding season is the most important and influential time of the year. During this crucial time, it is important to have your breeding records, like heat tracking, in order. CattleMax is proud to announce an all new Heat Tracking feature.  Found […]

Breeding Soundness Exams

Record Breeding Soundness Exams for your Bulls New Feature – Breeding Soundness Exams Ensuring that your animal are healthy is a crucial task in any successful cattle operation. It is essential to make sure that your bull is ready to go when breeding season comes around. CattleMax now has the ability to record Breeding Soundness […]

Spreadsheet Import Tool

How to import Spreadsheets into CattleMax New Feature – Spreadsheet Import Whether you are new to CattleMax, importing new animals or integrating scales and EID, the all new Spreadsheet Import tool is here to help. This tool minimizes human error and saves time by eliminating manual data entry. In just a few quick steps you […]