Weaning time is here.

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Calf Weaning Records

Powerful weaning features to get more out of your data

When it comes time to wean calves, CattleMax allows you to see exactly how your herd is doing in terms of weights, health, and more.


Make weaning time easy

Using CattleMax during weaning season helps you keep the records you need.

Group Based Weaning

Weaning cattle in groups saves time entering the records. Individual entry can be done as well, but group-based weaning saves you time and effort.

Track weights

Weights are some of the most important pieces of data a cattle raiser can have. CattleMax generates reports from those weights to help you discover the true performance of your herd.

Record each step of the weaning process

Track each step of your weaning process from treatments, pasture movements, weights, boosters, and more.

Submit weaning information to your breed association

For registered users, weaning information can be exported to your breed association for easy EPD configuration.

Import weaning data

The all-new spreadsheet import tool allows you to import weaning records like weights, body conditions scores, and more directly into your account. Some values are automatically calculated, such as adjusted weaning weight once the data has been imported.

Keep exploring cattle record features

CattleMax is full of features to make your ranch run smoother. Keep exploring features below!

Herd Health

Record individual and group health records.

Breeding & Pregnancy

Seamlessly manage the breeding process.


Add new calves in the field or at the desk.


Record weights and calculate performance.