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How-To Videos

Desktop and Tablet


Adding a new animal

Adding an animal is easy to do and only animal type and an ID method such as ear tag is required.


Creating a pasture

Pastures are a great way of organizing your cattle and also tracking hay production and fertilizer application.


Bulk Add Animals

Save time entering animals with the same, or similar, information. Bulk Add is a great way to get your herd setup in CattleMax.


Calving a Cow

Save time during calving season with the Calving screen, which can pre-fill a new calf’s information including sire, dam, location, breed, and more.


Weaning Calves

The Weaning screen helps you wean calves, record weaning weights, calculate adjusted weights, and establish contemporary groups for ratios.


Importing Weaning Weights

Import Weaning Weights and use the Weaning feature to calculate adjusted weights, ADG, WDA, and contemporary groups.


Recording Yearling information

The Yearling screen helps you wean calves, record yearling weights, calculate adjusted weights, and establish contemporary groups for ratios.


Group Update

Save time by entering information one time and having it applied to all selected cattle.


Tracking Equipment

Track your vehicles, tractors, implements, and all other ranch equipment inventory and maintenance history.



Reports present your information in an easy-to-view manner that makes decision making easy.


Importing Weights

Reduce data entry by importing weights from a CSV file that can be generated from spreadsheets or many weigh scale software programs.


Importing Electronic ID Numbers

Reduce data entry by importing electronic ID numbers for linking to existing animals from a CSV file or The Cattle Tags App.


Embryo Transfer

Manage the embryo process from breeding and flushing donors to transferring embryos to recipients.


Customizing CattleMax / Account Settings

Choose settings, such as setting defaults and enabling/disabling record areas to make your record keeping easier.


End of Year Organizezr

Quickly gather all of your farm and ranch information together for tax time in one click. Download results to PDF or Excel.



Logging in from a Mobile Device

Your records always in your pocket on your mobile device.


TagMax App Overview

Increase efficiencies with electronic ID. Scan EID tags and store as a list for later importing into CattleMax or even scan tags and display the animal’s record in CattleMax. Works with Allflex and Tru-Test EID readers.