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Cattle Scales information

Benefits of Cattle Scales

Cattle scales can make a tremendous benefit in the measuring of your herd’s performance. By being able to capture weights, you can measure and analyze their gain and therefore many related indicators, such as adjusted weaning and yearling weights, and calculating average daily gain (ADG) and weight per day of age (WDA).

Livestock scales, such as the Tru-Test scales, are designed specifically for the rugged conditions and environments of cattle country. The weigh scales are also implementing new technologies, as the leading cattle weigh scales include a memory component. This puts the weight processing on the scales (which they are designed for) and minimizes the need to have a separate computer or device just to collect the weight. This helps have less equipment at the chute or pens, so you can focus on getting your cattle weighed!

There have also been tremendous enhancements in the usability of scales. In previous years, some of the models offered lots of good features but were very complex to work with, especially if did not use them often. Now, newer models are still offering beneficial processes but now they are much easier and more straight-forward to work with.

CattleMax and Cattle Weigh Scales

Tru-Test-EziWeigh7 Tru-Test EziWeigh7i

CattleMax recognizes the benefit of cattle scales, and a spreadsheet of weights can easily be downloaded into CattleMax. Easily download weights from the file, regardless of whether the spreadsheet is from a cattle weigh scale or you made the file yourself. CattleMax will try matching records based on ID (such as ear tag, tattoo, etc). You’ll see which records were automatically and which were not so that you can manually match the remaining ones.

Models that work great with CattleMax

  • Tru-Test EziWeigh7 – Basic model with memory for storing weigh sessions. Great for those on a budget yet want to have weights for later importing in to CattleMax.
  • Tru-Test ID5000 – Adds a larger and brighter screen than the EziWeigh7. Allows for browsing of previous weights on the indicator. An iPhone/iPad and Android app available for downloading weight sessions  right from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Tru-Test XR5000 – Adds advanced data collection features though not fully utilized by CattleMax. Sometimes more advanced than many producers using CattleMax need since it duplicates some functionality already in CattleMax.

Where to buy Livestock Scales

Cattlesoft is an authorized reseller for Tru-Test weigh scales. For more information including ordering a set of scales, visit us online at The Cattle Scales Store.

Purchase any Tru-Test weigh scale indicator from The Cattle Scales Store and receive $100 credit for CattleMax – just email your receipt to [email protected] and let us know your CattleMax account address.