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Calving Records

Quickly and efficiently record calvings

Let’s face it, calving season can be hectic especially when it comes to record keeping. CattleMax expedites your record keeping processes by keeping all of your records in one place accessible in the field by using a smartphone or tablet. CattleMax makes keeping calving records a breeze. 

"I use my mobile device when tagging my new calves. Having Registered cattle I am able to record all the required management codes right then. No extra trips later to update missing data."
Jimmy Curtis
Paradise Acres, DeKalb, Texas

Store all of your calving data

CattleMax compiles all of your data to get you the most out of your information.

Track herd gestation

CattleMax tracks the gestation of each animal based on the recorded breeding date allowing you to see an estimated calving date.

Add new animals in the field

With the mobile version of CattleMax, you can create new animals in the field instead of waiting to record that animal in your records after all the chores are done. This eliminates error by keeping all of your records with you, no matter where you go.

Track birth weights for a group of calves

Tracking weights in CattleMax allows you to see in-depth reports to discover the truth about your animals’ performance.

Calving Screen

Using CattleMax makes keeping up with cows due to calve easy and organized.

See a list of cows due to calve

Inside CattleMax, the calving screen shows a list of cows due each week that automatically updates each Sunday night based on the breeding data you entered.

Predetermined Calculations

CattleMax automatically provides calculated values such as average calving interval, average postpartum interval, and last calving date, completing management codes for registering calves (registered plan).

Additional Features for Calving Season

CattleMax gives you a many features and tools to stay on top of your herd during calving season.

Calving History

See all offspring of individual cows, including birth, weaning, and sales information all on one screen.

Calf Inventory Reports

The calf inventory report shows you a complete inventory of all your active calves broken down by animal type including  breed birth date and more information.



Keep exploring cattle record features

CattleMax is full of features to make your ranch run smoother. Keep exploring features below!

Herd Health

Record individual and group health records.

Breeding & Pregnancy

Seamlessly manage the breeding process.


Add new calves in the field or at the desk.


Record weights and calculate performance.