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Strategies for effective cattle tags

CattleMax is an official reseller for Allflex and can help you with finding the right animal identification solution.

Cattle identification has both visual and management benefits. By identifying your cattle individually with cattle ear tags, you (and others) can more easily determine which cow is which. In addition, being able to track an animal’s history and performance helps you determine which ones are performing well.

EID tags are small “button-like” tags that are placed in the ear. Each EID tag has a unique 15-digit number printed on it, and the number can also be read by scanning the tag with an EID reader. These tags are designed to last for the life of the animal.

Using Electronic ID tags has many advantages:

  1. It offers another form of identification for each animal. Sometimes visual tags get lost, become snagged on a fence, etc, whereas EID tags are small and are designed for high retention rates.
  2. An animal can more quickly be identified in the chute (by scanning the tag with a reader) rather than needing to have the animal be completely still to read a visual tag or tattoo number.
  3. Scanning EID tags, instead of manually writing down an ear tag number, offers tremendous time-saving benefits while minimizing errors. As cattle are being worked or loaded into a trailer, their EID tag can be scanned while they are on the move.

CattleMax and Electronic ID Tags

Enhance chute efficiency with EID tags for quick and convenient cattle management.

If your cattle already have existing visual ear tags and you want to integrate electronic identification, the biggest challenge can be linking the electronic ID numbers to the existing visual tags. Fortunately, this can be one of two ways. Your can add EID to your herd by using a spreadsheet with an additional column for their new EID number, or through the TagMax app.

We created TagMax to work specifically with EID Readers. With this app, you can simply scan the tag with your reader and enter the corresponding visual ear tag. After applying your electronic ID tags, simply have the app generate a CSV file that you can import into CattleMax following the steps above.

CattleMax and EID Readers

Electronic ID readers make working cattle in the chute a much quicker and more convenient process.

Leading cattle electronic ID readers include a memory capability that allows for storing of scanned electronic ID values that can later be downloaded onto a computer. This feature is highly recommended, as it reduces the need for additional equipment or computer at the pens or working chute just to see the EID number.

After working cattle, you can download the list of EIDs that were scanned right into CattleMax, and even apply events such as medical treatments or update pasture locations for the cattle that were worked.

Allflex EID readers that work great with CattleMax

Allflex AWR300 EID Reader​
  • Allflex LPR – Large backlit color display that is easy to read, long lasting battery, internal memory
  • Allflex AWR300 – Large backlit color display that is easy to read, long lasting battery, internal memory

Tru-Test EID readers that work great with CattleMax​

Tru-Test SRS2 EID Reader
  • Tru-Test SRS2 Stick Reader – Stores up to 250,000 records, Displays EID and Visual Tag Numbers, Rechargeable, compatible with Tru-Test scales
  • Tru-Test XRS2 Stick Reader– Large sunlit display, stores up to one million records, collects data in 15 different fields, customizable alerts, alphanumerical key pad