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Ranch Rainfall Tracking

Track Rainfall in Your Operation

Tracking rainfall in CattleMax allows you to see your rainfall data in a chart format in the time increment most appropriate for you. When preparing for the hardship that come with to much or to little rain, this feature can provide resourceful data to aid in your decision making process.


Be prepared for decision making

Rainfall amounts, too much or too little, can create a lot of issues for any agricultural operation. CattleMax helps you prepare for these hard times by showing you data from your operation.

Drought or flood insurance

Many providers will require you to have rainfall records for different insurance policies. CattleMax can help you store the information you need.

Have the data for your ranch

As we anticipate the hard times that come with too much or too little rainfall, having data from the previous years helps us make the hard decisions that are necessary for our operations. Tracking Rainfall in CattleMax puts that data in the palm of your hands.

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