Customer Management

Have the information you need

At CattleMax, we know how important customers are. Be sure you have everything you need to make their buying experience enjoyable. CattleMax helps you serve your customer by providing in depth records, reports, and other data for them to make purchasing decisions on. 


Manage your customers

Cattle buyers like to have all the information possible before making a purchase. CattleMax gives you that data to put in the hand of your customers.

Track all contacts

CattleMax helps you track information about your customers, including contact details, custom notes, purchase details, and more.

Find information for your customers

Using CattleMax, you are able to quickly access information about each animal or a group of animals for a customer.

Creating followup tasks

A task can be created in CattleMax to remind you to follow up with customers. Managing relationships is important, and CattleMax helps.

Keep exploring cattle record features

CattleMax is full of features to make your ranch run smoother. Keep exploring features below!

Herd Health

Record individual and group health records.

Breeding & Pregnancy

Seamlessly manage the breeding process.


Add new calves in the field or at the desk.


Record weights and calculate performance.