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The privacy and security of your data is of paramount importance to us. We use significant resources and procedures to do everything we can to safeguard your CattleMax account – that’s a promise.

Data Access

You can allow access to your records by others, such as ranch employees and consultants, by creating a separate login for them and chose the level of their access. Other entities such as breed associations do not have access to your records. The only way an association has access to your data is by receiving a file you send them, such as for electronic registration and performance data submission. All files can be downloaded and viewed before sending to the association.

If you request as part of a support question, our US-based rancher-customer support team can access your account to assist you and can only view records – we cannot make any changes. We log and audit all such access, including date, time, employee, and reason.

All data is stored in a US-based data center with 24×7 security. Your data is also backed up to other US-based locations with an equal level of security. (These data back-ups help provide another important level of security.)

Your data is your data. Easily download ALL of your data anytime in one click from My Account > Account Data. This process will generate spreadsheet files that you can work within Excel or other software. (This may sound like a given, but many other software vendors don’t make your data easily exportable, either by not offering a full data export or by preventing you from accessing your database files).

Usage Information

To help make CattleMax better, we do analyze usage patterns in the software and on our website. The data we view has no identifiable information – making it impossible for anyone analyzing the data to accidentally have access to anything identifiable.

Third Party Services

We try to avoid using third-party services as much as reasonably possible, but there are a few cases where we do.

  • We use Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform to host some parts of our applications. In those cases, we use available encryption options to prevent the platform provider from having access to the underlying customer data.
  • We use third-party analytics tools (such as Google Analytics) on public-facing websites. They capture IP addresses, etc., but are not put in any place where they could capture user-provided content.
  • We use a third party helpdesk tool for answering support cases (HelpScout). This means that HelpScout has any data that gets sent in a support ticket.
  • We use third-party tools for sending some emails (such as Campaign Monitor), which have access to customer email addresses and metadata required to know when to send an email. We don’t send any customer provided data to either service.
  • We use third-party CDNs (Amazon CloudFront) for serving static assets. Those services have access to IP addresses, etc.

We do as much as possible to safeguard and respect the trust and responsibilities we have been given by our customers.

Questions? Let us know.

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