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How to track hay production in CattleMax

New Feature – Hay Production

With haying season well underway in most areas and finished in others, keeping an accurate inventory of hay quantity and types can play a big role in your herd management. The Hay Production feature in CattleMax allows you to keep track of your cut date, bale date, type of forage cut, type of unit produced (large round, small square, etc.), average weight, weight/acre, crude protein, and any additional comments you would like to add.

You can now also print a handy worksheet to take with you to the field so you can enter your data as you go and have it right at your fingertips.


Once all your haying data is compiled into the Hay Production in CattleMax a Hay Production summary report can be viewed, printed or downloaded.


Reports and worksheets are easily downloaded and printed in a spreadsheet format for external use. 

We hope you find this new feature helpful for your customers. As always, we welcome feedback and suggestions.

* Hay field and bales photo by Rimrock Photography in Montana

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