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Ranch Tasks and Calendar

Stay up to date

With so many different things happening in your operation (and a number of those being time sensitive), it is important to keep a calendar. Using this feature in CattleMax gives you the ability to keep up with your dates and know what is to come right alongside the rest of your cattle  and ranch records. 

Additional Ranch Organization features

The calendar and tasks features can be a big help to cattle producers. Here are some additional features.


  • Record date and time for any event that takes place on your ranch or record multi-day events like workings or sales
  • Link this calendar to a person, pasture, animal, or piece of equipment for references at a later date
  • View on your mobile device to go anywhere you go


  • Assign Jobs
  • Track completion status
  • Link to a person, animal, or piece of equipment
  • Mark on your pasture map
  • Add a reminder date

Keep exploring ranch record features

CattleMax is full of features to make your ranch run smoother. Keep exploring features below!

Pasture Management

Know exactly what was done to each pasture.

Equipment Maintenance

Track and schedule equipment manintenance.

Financial Records

Track income, expenses, and easily organize records.

Rainfall Tracking

Track and record rainfall and view trends by month and year.