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Compared to Paper Records and Cow Cards

Does CattleMax work better than paper records? ​

Paper cattle records can be handy and helpful in limited conditions, but they are scattered across multiple places, hard for others to understand (especially handwritten notes), tough to organize, and even more difficult to evaluate cattle and generate needed information. Learn how to switch from notebooks and paper to the all-in-one CattleMax herd software solution.

Keeping records on paper is ineffective and risky>

A notebook or slip of paper can be a handy tool when it comes to record keeping. Paper has its place, but keeping your entire operations records in  single notebook or file that could easily be lost or destroyed is a risk most cannot take. Paper records limit your record keeping capabilities. A notebook only allows records to be updated by a single person in a single place. 

"We used to use spiral notebooks before we had CattleMax, and it sure is hard to go back through and look up a specific number. We have it (a notebook), you can do it, but instead of using CattleMax for 30 seconds, it will take you 3 hours to find that one number you're looking for in last years notebook."
Bill Cawley
Stalwart Ranches

What does CattleMax offer?

CattleMax is the all in one record keeping solution for your ranch. With a place for all of your records, CattleMax is sure to make your operation run smoother.

Saves Time

When you enter a piece of information into CattleMax, that data can the be applied to multiple animals at once to save time entering records.

Access and Edit on-the-go

CattleMax is a cloud based software that allows you to access and edit your records on a mobile device, like a tablet or smartphone, anywhere you have phone service. 

Unlimited Free Support

The CattleMax team is available Monday – Friday 8AM-5PM CST to answer your questions or help you trouble shoot. Our team is US based and made up entirely of cattle producers like you!

Pre-defined & Customizable Reports

CattleMax comes equipped with over 40 pre-defined yet customizable reports to help you see the big picture of your operation. These reports are made up entirely the information you enter. 

Import/Export Data

CattleMax gives you the ability to import or export data. Data like weights can be imported to update your records. You also have the ability to export you records to work externally. 

A Place for All Ranch Records

Each CattleMax account has a place to store everything on your ranch like equipment, financial data, rainfall tracking, hay production and more. 

How to switch from paper records to CattleMax

Step 1: Sign up for CattleMax

Sign up for a 21-day CattleMax free trial. This trail gives you complete access to CattleMax, no credit card is required. 

Step 2: Organize your data

Before you begin entering data, be sure you have your existing records organized in some fashion.  

Step 3: Enter your existing recordse

Data can be entered through the Bulk-Add or through a spreadsheet import process. Whichever step works better for you will allow you to get your record keeping system up and running. 

Make the Switch to CattleMax Today!

CattleMax is the trusted record keeping solution for thousands of cattle producers in over 70 different countries! With so many features, tools, and abilities, CattleMax is sure to our perform even the most advanced spreadsheet system. Click to links below to see how CattleMax could make a difference in your operation. 

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