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Announcing Ranching.com

At Last, Something That’s Free and Useful

There’s a pearl of cowboy wisdom that none of us should ever forget.

“If it’s free, take it. And if it’s useful, keep it.”

The problem is, the combination of both free and useful seem to be in short supply these days.

Fortunately, that’s not the case when it comes to our new information service, weekly newsletter, and online rancher-to-rancher forum at Ranching.com. They’re yours to use absolutely free, no strings attached, from all of us at CattleMax.

Even better, you don’t need to be a CattleMax Ranch Record Keeping Software subscriber to take advantage of everything Ranching.com has to offer. It’s our way of giving back to the cattle community and all the people who have been so very good to us over the past 25 years.

Why We Created Ranching.com

The world around us is appropriately called “The Information Age”. But, there’s just too much information for any of us to sort through on a daily basis. So, we decided to sort through all the information out there and find the best of the best content – content that’s useful to all of us in the cattle industry.

Once we’ve gathered content that’s worth your time, we’ll send it out in newsletter form, every Wednesday.
Ranching.com is meant to be your resource for unbiased news, helpful advice and tips, useful information, and even stories guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. We’ll even keep you up-to-date on ever-changing government regulations that could impact your operation.

Continuing The Tradition Of Ranchers Helping Ranchers

We’re starting out modestly. Gathering the right information for a weekly newsletter can be daunting. But, eventually, the Ranching.com website will hold an archive of past newsletter content. Plus, it will have a forum we’re sure you’ll appreciate and use.

Ranching.com’s website will serve as home to a one-of-a-kind Ranchers Helping Ranchers online forum, where you can share information, insights, and even a story or two with your fellow ranchers.

Whether it’s lending a little advice or lending a hand, like so many of us have with the recent wildfires across the southwest, cattle folks are always there for each other. And with the Ranchers Helping Ranchers forum, there’ll be a 24/7 community where we can all share and be there for each other.

Our Promise To You

Since Ranching.com’s service is free, you’re probably wondering “What’s the catch?” In this case, there’s not a single one. We’re doing our part to help improve the cattle community and support America’s most iconic way of life.

When you give us your information for our newsletter and online service, we promise that we will never sell it. And we promise we’ll never fill your inbox with sales offers for stuff you don’t need and shouldn’t buy. We’ve been there. We’ve experienced that. And we’re not about to do any of that to you.

So if our idea sounds good to you and you want to join the Ranching.com community, just click the link below. And become a part of the Ranching.com family, where ranchers help ranchers every day.

Rancher Designed, Rancher Developed, Rancher Approved

When you contact us, you’ll be talking to a fellow cattle producer who has made CattleMax record keeping and cattle management software a key part of their herd management. Everyone on the CattleMax team knows cattle and CattleMax – it’s a requirement for working here.