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Complete Ranch Records with CattleMax

Powerful Pasture Mapping and Management

Tracking pasture activities like hay production, aeration, and fertilization in CattleMax allows you to know exactly what was done to each pasture and even store expenses based on each activity.

"Having multiple locations, pasture management is accessible to all users. We are able to see a full picture of our herd - what bull is turned out, any tasks that are needed on a particular pasture and so much more”
Kristen Evans
Canterbury Genetics, Sherman, Illinois

Organized Farm Equipment Maintenance

Schedule track, and assign maintenance to others through CattleMax to make sure that your machinery stays in the best shape possible.

The equipment feature lets me store my tractor and utility vehicles along with the rest of my ranch records. I can keep part numbers and any other information I may need when I'm away from home. CattleMax helps me keep track of my maintenance records so that I know when the last service was.
David Stanley
Stanley Cattle Co, China Spring, Texas

Basic Financial Records

CattleMax keeps track of your basic financial records like profits and losses, expenses and sales. Included with all CattleMax plans is the End of Year Organizer, this tool compiles all of your financial records into one report and makes tax season a breeze.

"We use the financial feature looking at momma cows to see one, how old they are and two, look at their offspring to track financially what kind of money we have made on that cow."
Howard Davis
San Jacinto Ranch LLC, Huntsville, Texas

Calendar and Task list

CattleMax makes it easy to assign tasks to different employees or family members through the calendar. This function also allows you to track important dates on your operation like workings, weather events, etc.

“Task lists help assign and lists tasks/events for our entire operation - see tasks for all locations & users, keeping our to-do list in one location.”
Kristen Evans
Canterbury Genetics, Sherman, Illinois

Customer Management

Managing customers can be just as important as managing your herd. Be sure you are on top of things with CattleMax.

"The contact feature is a one stop overview of purchases made by and from those we do business with or hope to do business with in the future as well as a place to make notes to help us keep in touch with their operation. I like the ability to export the contact list to excel for mailing purposes."
Dawn Anderson
JBB/AL Herefords. Gooding, Idaho

Rainfall Tracking

Rainfall is one of the most important things for any cattle operation. Too much can be just as destructive as too little. Track rainfall on your operation in CattleMax to see the data you need to make the tough decisions.

"Having used CattleMax as my cattle record keeping solution for a total of nearly 16 years, having worked through numerous dry spells and the second severe drought in 11 years, I can attest to the value of good records for making management decisions. The first record I look at is how much rain we have received this year compared to previous years."
Nathan Boles
Nathan Boles
Winters, Texas

Rancher Designed, Rancher Developed, Rancher Approved

When you contact us, you’ll be talking to a fellow cattle producer who has made CattleMax record keeping and cattle management software a key part of their herd management. Everyone on the CattleMax team knows cattle and CattleMax – it’s a requirement for working here.