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Compared to Breed Association Software

Does CattleMax work better than Breed Association Software? ​

Raising registered/seedstock cattle is a more involved process, especially with managing data and records. Good details are needed to determine how cattle are performing and also for the breed association to generate reliable ratios and EPDs. CattleMax is the hub for your on-ranch production and performance records.

Breed Association Software tends to focus only on collecting data for the association

Breed Assoc. Softwares are not designed for on-farm herd management, often lacking complete records and reporting. Registered producers have a wide range of information needs, like on farm decision making, registration and reporting to breed associations, and producing marketing information for buyers, that breed association softwares cannot meet.
"CattleMax has a breed interface that allows me to upload my information from CattleMax into the breed association so there is no need for double entry. I don't have to input weaning weights into the breed association. I don't have to input yearling weights, I don't have to do anything, it goes directly from CattleMax into the breed association... It makes it easy to keep our information up to date in the breed associations database."
Diann Watson
Pennridge Ranch

What does CattleMax offer?

CattleMax is the all in one record keeping solution for your ranch. With a place for all of your records, CattleMax is sure to make your operation run smoother.

Breed Association Interface

CattleMax helps you eliminate double entry by syncing with your breed association. This allows you to register calves electronically and submit weaning and yearling data to your association. 

Access and Edit on-the-go

CattleMax is a cloud based software that allows you to access and edit your records on a mobile device, like a tablet or smartphone, anywhere you have phone service. 

Unlimited Free Support

The CattleMax team is available Monday – Friday 8AM-5PM CST to answer your questions or help you trouble shoot. Our team is US based and made up entirely of cattle producers like you!

Pre-defined & Customizable Reports

CattleMax comes equipped with over 40 pre-defined yet customizable reports to help you see the big picture of your operation. These reports are made up of entirely the information you enter. 

Whole Herd Import

CattleMax allows you to import pedigrees and other information through a whole herd import from your breed association. Simply request the file from your assoc. and import that into CattleMax. 

A Place for All Ranch Records

Each CattleMax account has a place to store everything on your ranch like equipment, financial data, rainfall tracking, hay production and more. 

How to switch from Breed Association software to CattleMax

Step 1: Sign up for CattleMax

Sign up for a 21-day CattleMax free trial. This trial gives you complete access to CattleMax, no credit card is required. 

Step 2: Import Herd Data from Breed Assoc.

Click on the import data button on the top right hand corner of the cattle screen and follow the steps to import data from breed association or spreadsheets. 

Step 3: Begin using CattleMax

CattleMax is a user friendly program with free support to answer any questions you may have.  

Make the Switch to CattleMax Today!

CattleMax is the trusted record keeping solution for thousands of cattle producers in over 70 different countries! With so many features, tools, and abilities, CattleMax is sure to out perform even the most advanced spreadsheet system. Click the links below to see how CattleMax could make a difference in your operation.