Cattle record keeping that works for Texas Longhorn breeders

CattleMax is the solution for Texas Longhorn cattle records

Keeping complete details of your Texas Longhorn herd is important for ranches of all sizes, from raising a few cows to managing a more extensive operation.

Complete cattle records: With CattleMax, your records organized one location that you can access anytime, anywhere – no more looking through loose papers or on the back of feed receipts! Calving histories, records of medical treatments, weights and more are just a few clicks or taps away. Track contacts and customer records to check previous cattle purchases and sales. Use the calendar to remind you of upcoming appointments and events.

Reports and worksheets for management decisions: Whether you need a list of cows due to calve soon, or a list of calves that are ready to wean, or just a simple inventory report for the pasture to check cows, CattleMax makes it easy to get the report you need. Worksheets can easily be generated for cattle working where you can write in the details and then enter them into the records.

Records are always with you: Since CattleMax is web-based, you can access your records anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection. Ideal for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and others – a great way to have your records with you when you need them. Show buyers the records in real-time, and even add new calves from out in the pasture.

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