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Proven Record Keeping That Works for Large Registered Cattle Operations

Instantly update your key management information

Ranches with over 1,000 active animals have an especially complex setup – multiple users who need different levels of access to the records, cattle located across multiple pastures or even completely different locations, several working facilities, and more. CattleMax accommodates the needs of even the largest ranches by being complete yet flexible and easy to use.

Records for Your Needs

Everything you need all in one place. You’ll get expert advice from our team – from implementing CattleMax into your operation to recommendations for integrating and improving identification and weighing solutions.

Powerful Spreadsheet Import

Import new animals as well as update existing animals. Spreadsheet import options include all cattle record areas such as breeding, pregnancy, medical, weights & measurements, and more.

User Permissions

Everyone on the ranch can access the cattle records. Grant full access, editor access, or read-only access to each user.

Download Your Records Anytime

Download a complete copy of all of your records for use in MS Excel, MS Access, websites, or your own custom system.

The most complete record keeping solution
for registered/seedstock cattle ranches

..."CattleMax has a breed interface that allows me to upload my information from CattleMax into the breed association so there is no need for double entry. I don't have to input weaning weights into the breed association. I don't have to input yearling weights, I don't have to do anything, it goes directly from CattleMax into the breed association... It makes it easy to keep our information up to date in the breed associations database."
Diann Watson
Pennridge Ranch, Paige, Texas

Save Time and Effort with Record Keeping​

Seconds turn in to hours and hours turn in to dollars.​

Group Update

This process saves time and effort of adding a treatment, recording pasture movement or breeding exposure, – simply select the animals to update instead of needing to go to each individual animal record. Recording weaning and yearling information can also be recorded for a group of animals.  


Importing records from digital weigh scales, RFID readers, and select cattle tag resellers helps save time and reduce manual data entry. The registered CattleMax plan allows users to sync their account with their breed association to eliminate double entry and keep accurate EPDs, pedigrees and more.   

Bulk Add

Have basic information that is similar for quite a few animals, or want to quickly add multiple animals at any time? With the Bulk Add Animals process you can specify certain fields as group fields, which means that all animals will share this value. Also, you can specify individual fields so that you can have different values for each animal.

Simple, Straight-Forward Pricing​

All-inclusive pricing includes updates, upgrades, mobile access, unlimited users, and more.

Have more than 1,000 active animals?

Check out our larger plans in Commercial and Registered

All the tools you need to get the job done, none of the complexity

CattleMax helps you keep track of the information you need as a registered operation.

Event-driven dashboard

Frequent tasks accessible in 1-click.

Multi-user compatible

Everyone can help with record keeping.

Automatic updates

No software to download, no updates to install.

Accessible from any device

Update at the ranch, in the pasture, or at home.

Bank-level security

Your data is safe and backed up.

Rancher-based support team

We enjoy operating our own ranches, too!

Don't need registered cattle records and just want production and performance? Check out the Commercial Cattle Plans

Join farmers and ranchers in over 70 countries that are improving their cattle operations with real-time record keeping.