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TagMax app for Allflex EID Readers and Tru-Test Scales & EID Readers

Efficiently scan and process cattle with your mobile device.

TagMax was created to give cattle producers the ability to leverage the power of their Electronic ID readers and weigh scales to quickly and accurately collect data in the field.

Whether you simply need to collect data from a cattle working session or have all your CattleMax records at your fingertip, TagMax can help you get more out of your livestock equipment and mobile devices.

How TagMax Works

TagMax's two modes give you the flexibility to collect and record data your way.


Sessions Mode - works online and offline

Organize cattle workings into sessions. When an animal’s EID tag is scanned, a record in the session is created and you can add additional information including ear tag, weight, and custom fields.

If you connect a weigh scale indicator, the weight will automatically be entered in the scan record once the indicator has locked on to the animal’s weight.

CattleMax Mode - works online

Scan an animal’s EID tag to send it to CattleMax. From there, CattleMax will display the animal’s profile where you can view, update, and add details.

If no animal matching the EID number is found, you will be given the option to assign the scanned EID number to an existing animal or create a new animal.

Compatible Electronic ID Readers (as of June 2024)

  • Allflex EID readers: LPR, RS420, AWR300, APR250, APR650, Destron GPR+
  • Tru-Test EID readers: SRS2, XRS, SRS2i, XRS2i
  • Gallagher EID readers:  HR5

Compatible Weigh Scale Indicators (as of June 2024)

  • Tru-Test weigh scales: S3 indicator
  • Gallagher weigh scales: W-0 indicator

TagMax and EID Readers

Connecting your EID Reader to TagMax makes it easy to scan, store, and look up animals by EID.

Say goodbye to not being able to read messy handwriting or dirty papers. When you connect a compatible EID reader to TagMax, you can scan an animal’s EID tag for quick and easy animal lookup.

Compatible models:

Allflex AWR300 EID Reader

Tru-Test SRS2i EID Reader

Tru-Test XRS2i EID Reader

Allflex LPR EID Reader

Allflex APR250 EID Reader

Allflex APR650 EID & Barcode Reader

TagMax and Weigh Scales

Connecting your Scale Indicator to TagMax makes weighing fast and accurate.

Ensure you are recording accurate weights while streamlining data entry with TagMax and your weigh scale indicator.  When your scale indicator locks on to the animal’s weight, the weight is sent directly to your mobile device running TagMax.

Compatible models:

Tru-Test S3 Scale Indicator

Where to get TagMax

Download TagMax for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Email us or give us a call at 1-800-641-2343

Is there a charge for this?

There is no charge for TagMax and a CattleMax subscription is not required.

Do I need to have a CattleMax account?

Sessions mode does not require a CattleMax account, however, CattleMax mode does require an active or trial CattleMax account.

Is an Internet connection needed?

If you are using the Sessions mode only, an Internet connection is not needed as the connection is made via Bluetooth. An Internet connection on the iPhone/iPad is needed if you want to email the file to yourself or someone else. In addition, an Internet connection is needed to use the CattleMax mode of the app.

What EID readers are supported?

I am having trouble connecting my EID reader or scale indicator. How do I fix connectivity issues?

Ensure that your device is up-to-date and running the latest firmware/hardware updates. If you continue to have problems, contact the store or website from whom you purchased your equipment.