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Organizing cattle records for tax needs

Make Tax Time A Little Less Taxing

Preparing for your tax return is more than just work. It’s grudge work. Nobody ever wakes up and says, “I can’t wait to do my taxes today.”

That’s why CattleMax includes time and effort-saving features such as the End of Year Organizer and an Inventory Time Machine to make your ranch life a little easier. In addition, the basic Income and Expense tracking area helps you have all of your ranch records in one place.

With the click of a button, a report can be generated that includes all the information your accountant or tax preparer needs for tax preparations.


End of Year Organizer Tool

Gather your tax information with one click​

Download to your computer

The End of Year Organizer is easily generated and downloaded to your computer in PDF or spreadsheet format.

Record data that affects your bottom line​

The organizer includes records like deaths, sales, purchases, animals purchased, animals sold, and more.

Stay organized for tax season​

The End of Year Organizer collects all of your financial records into one simple report that can be sent directly to your accountant when tax season rolls around.  Your cattle production records are already organized and ready for your tax preparer to do their work and analysis!

Cattle Inventory Time Machine Tool

Get historical animal inventory on a specific date

Complete and accurate inventories on any date

Simply enter or a select a historical date and CattleMax will generate a complete inventory of all animals on your ranch on the specified date, including animals that have since been sold or died.

Export to PDF and Spreadsheet

With one click, you can export your results to a PDF for archiving or to Excel/spreadsheet for further analysis and updating.

Complete Record Keeping for Farmers & Ranchers

Keep all of your ranch records in one place

CattleMax does so much more! Learn more about how CattleMax is the complete software for your cattle and ranch records by clicking the links below, trying CattleMax for yourself with the free 21-day trial, or scheduling an online demo.

Herd Health

Record individual and group health records.

Breeding & Pregnancy

Seamlessly manage the breeding process.


Add new calves in the field or at the desk.


Record weights and calculate performance.

It’s easy to get started making better herd management decisions

Start your 21-day free trial today and discover why ranchers in over 70 countries have trusted CattleMax since 1999.