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The registered herd features you need without the hassle

Real-time record keeping makes it easy to manage your herd.

Focus on profitable performance and share information with your customers and breed association.

Easily enter data and review from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Make informed decisions to improve performance for your registered herd.

Event Driven Dashboard

Easy Navigation

Features easy to recognize icons for each management action. Reduces clicks and gets you where you need to go. The topline navigation bar provides quick access for additional management priorities.

Management Snapshots

Highlights up-to-date cattle inventory by category, upcoming calving, and approaching events.

Quick Search

The search box on every page lets you quickly find the cattle you’re looking for. Works across all animal ID’s: name, registered number, private herd number, or ear tag.

Cattle Management


See cattle by individuals, groups, identification methods, descriptions, and raised/purchased records. Track semen and embryo inventories.


Assign cattle to specific groups based on the criteria that fits your operation – animal type, status, pasture, category and more. Records entered by groups are updated automatically for all individuals listed in that group.

Activity Timeline

View the most recent activity for individual cattle by key management categories like breeding, calving, measurements, and health.

Movement history

Pasture movements record automatically when the animal is moved to a different pasture or location.


Take photos of your cattle right from the pasture and upload them to that individual’s page.


Breeding and Production Snapshot

Selecting the breeding icon on the home page takes you to the active cow list showing cows, birthdates, last calving and last breeding.

Pasture exposure, artificial insemination, and embryo

Track bull turnout, AI dates, and embryo transfers individually and by groups. Recording pasture exposure is easy with the bull turn-in feature. Embryo transfer breeding keeps track of the recipient and her due date in addition to donor and sire.

Current Breeding Status

Record and review pregnancy checks and projected calving dates.

Calving History

See all offspring of individual cows, including birth, weaning, and sales information all on one screen.

Production Statistics

Get actual data that provide additional ways to identify productive cows with production statistics like as Average Calving Intervals and Average Post Partum Intervals.



Enter weights, body conditions scores, heights, frame scores, and scrotal circumference. Easily download weights from a spreadsheet that is generated from a scale or one that you’ve created. Works with most EID readers.

Weight averaging by groups

Automatically calculate related values for a selected group of cattle by entering or downloading weights – ratios, average daily gain, weight per day of age, etc. Calculations are based on Beef Improvement Federation formulas.

Cow/calf weaning performance

The Weaning management feature automatically calculates an adjusted 205-day weight based on your data. Calves weaned in groups are assigned a ratio. This information tracks back to the cow and is reflected in her average calving interval, MPPA, and production history.

EPD and EBV statistics

Keep up with EPDs (North America) and EBVs (Worldwide)

Raised/Purchase tracking

View performance results of cattle that you raise and those that you purchase to make informed management decisions.


Individual and Group Treatments

Record treatment date, diagnosis, medication, dosage, route location, administered by, manufacture lot/serial number, temperature and more. These features comply with the Beef Quality Assurance requirements and can also be helpful to provide to your vet regarding the Veterinary Feed Directive.

Withdrawal Dates

Enter number of days for withdrawal and/or booster and the correct date will automatically be calculated. A message is displayed at the top of the animal’s record if in withdrawal timeline as a reminder for food safety.

Reports and Worksheets

Pre-define reports

Get the information you need from our many pre-defined reports that have been created based on user feedback since 1999.

Custom reports

Create your own report to fit the management criteria you need in specific situations.


Generate easy-to-read printouts to use in the field for key management activities – breeding, calving, pregnancy, weaning, yearling, treatments, weighing and measuring, and cattle inventories.


Print flyers and advertisements for customers

Breed Association Interfaces

Import/Export Herd Inventories

Most breed associations are able to provide an electronic herd inventory containing your active cattle, pedigrees, and performance data. Some also support electronic EPD updates and electronic registration.

Electronically Register Cattle

Most breed associations are able to provide an electronic herd inventory containing your active cattle, pedigrees, and performance data. Some also support electronic EPD updates and electronic registration.

Current Breed Association List

Here’s a list of some of the breed associations CattleMax integrates with. Others are being added based on customer request and that association’s capabilities. Let us know if you don’t see your breed association.

  • Angus – American Angus Association
  • Beefmaster – Beefmaster Breeders United
  • Braford – United Braford Breeders
  • Brahman – American Brahman Breeders Association
  • Brangus – International Brangus Breeders Association
  • Hereford – American Hereford Association
  • Limousin – North American Limousin Foundation
  • Red Angus – Red Angus Association of America

  • Red Brangus – American Red Brangus Association
  • Red Brangus – International Red Brangus Breeders Association
  • Simmmental – American Simmental Association
  • Texas Longhorn – Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America
  • Wagyu – American Wagyu Association

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