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Basic Financial Records

Financial records for your herd

Keeping financial records in CattleMax helps you find your bottom line. Recording profits and losses, expenses, sales and more help you to see just how your ranch is performing – Not to mention, take the burden out of tax preparation.

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Bill Cawley, Stalwart Ranches, Huntsville, Texas

Find your bottom line

For most cattle producers, the biggest challenge is making a profit. With CattleMax financial section you can see exactly how your herd is performing in terms of profits and losses.

  Discover the truth about your herd’s performance

      CattleMax gives you the ability to see firsthand what it costs to manage each          animal in your operation and the money they bring in each year. This can be a          big help when it comes time to make those hard-culling decisions.

Divide expenses by category 

      CattleMax allows you to record your expenses categorically to get a better idea        of what it costs to operate different parts or sections of your ranch each year.


  Make tax season a breeze 

       When tax season comes around using the end-of-year organizer creates a                 simple report with all your financial records including deaths, births, sales, and         other expenses organized for your CPA.

Keep exploring cattle record features

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