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Cattle Inventory Records

Track all of your cattle inventory with CattleMax

CattleMax allows you to see the big picture of your operation by tracking inventory, breedings, pregnancies, calving, weaning and more.

Easily separate your animals into groups based on criteria you define such as animal type, age, pasture and more. Update each group’s records after workings or pregnancy check all at once to save time.


Complete individual animal records​

Each animal has their own specific timeline that tracks everything from weights to breedings, health treatments and more.

Features found in all plans include...

  • Flexible identification methods Optionally record ear tag, PH number, name, brand, and more
  • Calfhood details Keep up with sire, dam, birth date/weight, weaning date/weight, and more
  • Descriptive Details Track breed, color markings, horn status, and more
  • Breeding and Pregnancy Track NS and AI breedings as well as pregnancy checks
  • Performance data Manage weights, heights, body condition scores, carcass data, and more
  • Herd Health information Record individual and group-based health treatments
  • Purchase and Sales info Track dates for purchase, sales, and death loss, as well as prices and buyer/seller
  • Electronic ID support Track and search based on each animal’s EID tag number
  • Movement History Assign animals to a pasture and automatically maintain movement history

Features found only in the the Registered Cattle plans include...

  • 3-Generation Pedigrees Automatic generation of pedigrees based on your records and records imported from breed associations
  • EPDs and EBVs Record or import EPDs for North America and EBs for Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.
  • Embryo Transfer support Keep up with flushes, embryo inventory, embryo transfers, and donor/recip management.

All-in-one-view timeline

The animal timelines allow you to view the complete history of each animal. The timeline starts at birth and collects every piece of data you enter about that animal. From birthweights, health treatments, offspring and more, the animal timeline shows you everything there is to know about each animal.

"The Timeline for me is very valuable. I can glance down the list of entries and get a quick overview of this animals life. The Timeline makes it easy to find dates of treatments, movements, breedings, and calving."
Jimmy Curtis
Paradise Acres, DeKalb, TX

Organized Farm Equipment Maintenance

Schedule track, and assign maintenance to others through CattleMax to make sure that your machinery stays in the best shape possible.

The equipment feature lets me store my tractor and utility vehicles along with the rest of my ranch records. I can keep part numbers and any other information I may need when I'm away from home. CattleMax helps me keep track of my maintenance records so that I know when the last service was.
David Stanley
Stanley Cattle Co, China Spring, Texas

Efficiently organize and manage your cattle in groups

Sort your cattle into custom groups by animal type, breed, age or any other criteria you determine.

Organize your herd, your way with Cattle Groups

Create groups by individually selecting animals or simply defining a criteria such as aniaml type, status, location, or owner. Criteria-based groups automatically add and remove cattle as their records are updated.

Update multiple animals quickly with Group Update

Group Update makes updating a group of animals easy, whether entering the same value for all animals or entering different information in a spreadsheet-style view.

Keep exploring cattle record features

CattleMax is full of features to make your ranch run smoother. Keep exploring features below!​

Herd Health

Record individual and group health records.​

Breeding & Pregnancy

Seamlessly manage the breeding and pregnancy cycle.


Add new calves in the field or at back at the desk.


Record weights and calculate performance. values