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    Cut your record keeping time.

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    At your desk, or on the go.

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    We use CattleMax in our herds too.

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    Trusted by cattle producers since 1999.

“The biggest challenge is making a profit!”

Everyone thinks they know how much they make on a cow, and then they find out the real numbers.

One of the main reasons we’ve been with CattleMax is the amount of information we can keep on a cow and know how productive that cow is. We know everything about every cow on this ranch at the touch of a finger.

Bill Cawley
General Manager
Stalwart Ranches

Bill Cawley

CattleMax organizes ALL your ranch records together in ONE place

  • More efficient than spreadsheets and notebooks
  • Instantly update your records wherever you are – in the pasture, home, or office
  • Record, track, and analyze the performance data that’s important to you
  • Mobile friendly – works on iPhones, iPads, and Androids

More profitable herd management decisions start with CattleMax!

Make informed decisions

Powerful reporting lets you customize report formats to see your herd information in the way that works for your operation including:


Keep up with active and inactive animals


Record pasture, ai, and embryo breedings


Calve cows and re-use information


Track treatments and movements


Record weights, carcass, and more


Keep up with purchases and sales

Quick set up, easy to use as 1-2-3

Nothing to install. CattleMax runs on your web browser so you can access your records from any device that’s connected to the Internet.

Add Your Herd to Get Organized


Only one form of ID and animal type is required. Enter as much or as little information as you need. You can always add more information about your cattle later. Setting defaults, such as breed and owner, will help you save time and keystrokes.

Bulk Add

Quickly enter a large number of animals into CattleMax. You can specify certain fields as group fields, which means that all animals will share this value. You can also specify individual fields so that you can have different values for each animal.

Breed Association Import (Registered plans)

Download an electronic copy of your registered cattle records from your breed association, if available. Most files include active inventory, 3-generation pedigrees, weights/performance, and current EPDs.

Update Your Records to Save Time

One at a time

Choose the animal you want to update. Enter the information. It’s that easy!

Group Updates

Use the Group Updates feature to create or update the same information for multiple animals. This makes it quick and easy to update pasture movement, medical treatments, breeding activity, pregnancy checks, and more.

Run Reports to Improve Decision Making

Pre-set and Customized Report Options

Reports are a key tool to help make informed herd management decisions. CattleMax has pre-set reports based on 17 years of user feedback. Plus, you can easily customize columns and criteria with just a few clicks.

Worksheets for data collection

Worksheets are a helpful way of generating easy-to-read printouts for use in the field. Multiple options are available for key management action categories like production, cattle inventories, and treatments. Select pre-filled columns and also add blank columns for recording information you need.

All the tools you need to get the job done, none of the complexity

CattleMax helps you keep track of the information you need

Event-driven Dashboard

Frequent tasks accessible in 1-click.

Multi-user compatible

Everyone can help with record keeping.

Automatic Updates

No software to download, no updates to install.

Accessible from any device

Update at the ranch, in the pasture, or at home.

Bank-level security

Your data is safe and backed up.

Rancher-based support team

We enjoy operating our own ranches, too!

Rancher Designed, Rancher Developed,
Rancher Approved

When you contact us, you’ll be talking to a fellow cattle producer who has made CattleMax a key part of their herd management. Everyone on the CattleMax team knows cattle and CattleMax – it’s a requirement for working here.

Cattlemax team 2020

Join farmers and ranchers in over 70 countries who are improving their cattle operations with real-time record keeping.

Since 1999, cattle producers all over the world have trusted CattleMax to cut their record keeping time, organize their records in one place, and maximize their profit potential.