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The all-new CattleMax

After launching the previous version of CattleMax in 2016, we made over 2700 updates consisting of new features, small enhancements, and bug fixes. Last year alone, there were over 400 updates. Every so often, we need to release a new version of CattleMax to support the growth plans for the future of the product. In February, we proudly released our newest and most complete version of CattleMax packed full of new features, updates, and more! CattleMax was first created in 1999 as Windows-based software and grew over four versions during the following decade. In 2011, the first cloud-based version of CattleMax was released and served as the bedrock for the online-based software of today.

While CattleMax has been known as the most complete cattle management software for two decades, we always consider our customers’ suggestions. Here are a few of the new features and updates included in the all-new CattleMax!


Enhancements to cattle records

While CattleMax has been known as the most complete cattle management software for two decades, customers always suggest a few things to make the cattle records features of CattleMax even better.

A common request was for heat tracking to help make better decisions at breeding time. Now you can quickly and easily track heats for all of your females. Once a heat entry is recorded you will receive reminders every 21 days to check again for heat on that female.

The heat tracking feature enables you to enter the date and time the heat was recorded, who observed it, a heat score, and any comments or notes you may have.

Heat tracking makes the breeding season a breeze, especially when artificial insemination is involved!

Additional enhancements include:

  • Automatic calculation of breed compositions based on sire and dam
  • Breeding Soundness Exams for bulls
  • Additional Activity task items
  • Enhancements to the Animal Profile for better organization and accessibility


Complete Spreadsheet Import Tool

While CattleMax has offered basic spreadsheet import capabilities of Electronic ID (EID) numbers and weights, customers often find themselves needing to import more data.

The spreadsheet import will also help those working in limited or no internet connectivity areas. Simply export one of the CattleMax worksheets or create your own spreadsheet and enter your data into the spreadsheet chute side. Once back at the computer, you can import this spreadsheet right into CattleMax.

Those with a cattle weigh scale indicator capable of storing data, such as the Tru-Test ID5000 or Tru-Test XR5000, will appreciate the seamless importing of spreadsheets collected by and downloaded from the indicator.

While using our free TagMax app for Allflex EID readers and Tru-Test scale indicators and EID readers, you can import TagMax CSV files right into CattleMax.

Mobile improvements for on-the-go record keeping

With a significant amount of cattle record-keeping done in the field and on mobile phones, mobile use continues to grow. The CattleMax team did considerable development and testing on the mobile versions to ensure that mobile users have the same complete feature set as desktop users, adapted for a smaller screen. You will notice a cleaner user experience with less friction.


Time-saving enhancements to Groups and Group Update

Groups are an essential part of keeping your ranch records organized. CattleMax is the only cattle software with a “smart groups” feature to automatically manage the adding and removing cattle from groups based on the criteria you define (Active Cows, Replacement Heifers, Sold Calves, etc.)

As groups are used more and more, we found that the ability to “star” groups as favorites, moving them to the top of the list, makes it easy to access commonly-used groups.

You will also find the Production Records areas easily accessible from the Groups sidebar. Accessing cattle based on their reproduction or weaning status is a click away.

In addition to group enhancements, you will find several new Group Update options including the option to enter weights individually for the selected animals – no need to make a spreadsheet just to enter a group of weights.

  • Added spreadsheet-style entry of calfhood values, including branding, castration, and dehorning
  • Added spreadsheet-style entry of cattle notes
  • Added spreadsheet-style entry of breeding soundness exams
  • Added spreadsheet-style entry for updating DNA parentage status
  • Added the ability to select all animals in a group, even when the group goes across multiple pages


Powerful Pasture Management

Pasture management is where many customers have requested additional record-keeping enhancements to avoid pasture data in spreadsheets.

You now have the ability to track pasture activities, including herbicide and fertilizer application, shredding, aerating, record hay production including cut and bale dates, forage type, and the amount produced, and the ability to assign expenses to individual pastures.

And some more updates coming this year

  • Powerful new mapping features
  • Enhancements to semen and embryo inventories
  • Additional notification options for tasks and events
  • Enhanced customer management to contacts
  • New reports for individual animals
  • Equipment mileage and hour log
  • …and more

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As always, we welcome any and all feedback, suggestions, and concerns. CattleMax is the product it is today because farmers and ranchers worldwide have shared their feedback.

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