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Complete Cow-Calf Software with CattleMax

Accurate and up-to-date cow-calf inventory

CattleMax is a complete cow-calf management software designed to track cattle inventories, breeding, pregnancy checking, measurements, health treatments, and more.

In addition to complete cattle records, CattleMax also tracks ranch records including pastures, pasture activities, equipment, rainfall, and more.

"Where we use CattleMax the most is determine how many steers were born in X amount of days to be able to put a load together and know how many calves were born in that season."
Bill Cawley
Stalwart Ranches, Huntsville, Texas

Former CowCalf5 Software users:

As many of you know, I left the University over 5 years ago, and Dr. Rupp retired in 2010, and passed in 2020. It was a great pleasure to work with the many ranchers and veterinarians that used our CowCalf5 program for over 35 years. The University has no intentions of continuing developing and supporting CowCalf5, so it is being discontinued. The CowCalf5 program should continue to work on your computer, as it has in the past, but the mobile android/iOS CowCalf app will not be able to email data or sync with CowCalf5. There will be no further support or development of either. I encourage anyone still using CowCalf5 to look at migrating to a different platform that will be supported and have continued development.

There are other cow records programs on the market, with many having demo versions available to try. I have not personally tried any of these, but I have worked with Jimmy Curtis (CattleMax Product Manager and former CowCalf5 user) to help them develop a method to migrate historic CowCalf5 data to their platform.

I have enjoyed helping all of you over the year with your cattle records.

Steve Johnson

CattleMax is excited to announce a migration path for CowCalf5 users to ensure access to actively updated and supported cow-calf management software. Steve Johnson, developer of CowCalf5, and I have worked to create a seamless data migration to CattleMax. This data conversion is offered at no charge.
In addition, CattleMax has acquired the CowCalf.com and CowRecords.com domain names.
Our rancher-based support team is here to help you with any questions or concerns. You can reach us at 1-800-642-2343 or howdy@cattlemax.com, and we will be more than happy to help. Detailed steps to make a backup of your file for conversion is located at https://help.cattlemax.com/article/639-importing-cowcalf5-to-cattlemax. In the coming weeks, we will be reaching out to all CowCalf5 users to offer any assistance with migration.
Thank you,
Jimmy Curtis
CattleMax Product Manager

Complete Herd Health Records

Storing your health records in CattleMax helps to ensure you are up to date on all things related to your animals health. The reports feature in CattleMax shows you the big picture of your herds health to assist you in decision making. 

"Healthy cattle equate to a healthy bottom line. As producers of the best protein in the world it is our responsibility as ranchers to make sure we raise the healthiest product to supply to our customers. CattleMax makes keeping track of vaccinations, antibiotics and other treatments very simple regardless of whether you have 10 animals or 5000."
PJ Porter
Porter Ranch, Stanford, MT

Automated breeding and pregnancy data

Using CattleMax to track breedings and pregnancy data ensures that you will have a good idea of your herd’s status. Through CattleMax, you can track anything related to breeding and pregnancy including heat cycles, AI, pregnancy checks, natural service breedings, embryo transfers, production status, calving history, and more!

"From heat tracking and breeding to pregnancy checking and calf arrival - CattleMax is our easy-to-use one stop production cycle record keeping system!"
Julie Vogler
Vogler Cattle Co., Abilene, Texas

Time-saving Calving entry

Using a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet, you are able to record calving in the pasture and on the go. This eliminates room for error by adding records on spot and not from memory later in the day. Groups of new animals can be added into CattleMax through the spreadsheet import function or manually. 

"I use my mobile device when tagging my new calves. Having Registered cattle I am able to record all the required management codes right then. No extra trips later to update missing data."
Jimmy Curtis
Paradise Acres, DeKalb, Texas

Group-based Weaning

CattleMax allows you to wean groups of cattle  and eliminates the time consuming process of selecting one animal at a time. The data recorded at weaning like weights, are used to produce useful information like Average Daily Gain and more performance numbers. 

"With CattleMax, I got up this morning before we worked cattle and printed off a weaning worksheet. This showed me which calves were ready to be weaned, what pasture they were in and all the information I needed. You are able to sort this page based on criteria that works best for you. For me, it was by pasture."
Diann Watson
Pennridge Ranch, Paige, TX
Group-based Weaning

Reports and Worksheets

Reports and worksheets in CattleMax allow you to not only see your operations broken down in terms of production, but also help you put that data to work. Worksheets give you the ability to collect the information you need when cell service is not available.

We use the reporting features heavily before we begin to process animals. For example, if we are getting ready for the breeding season we want to check things like age and previous performance to determine the bulls each animals should be placed with and in what pasture."
Caroyln Davis
San Jacinto Ranch LLC, San Jacinto, Texas

Rancher Designed, Rancher Developed, Rancher Approved

When you contact us, you’ll be talking to a fellow cattle producer who has made CattleMax record keeping and cattle management software a key part of their herd management. Everyone on the CattleMax team knows cattle and CattleMax – it’s a requirement for working here.