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CattleMax is easy to use and rancher-friendly.

Tips to get started with CattleMax

CattleMax Plans

CattleMax offers a commercial plan and a registered plan. The commercial plan is idea for tracking production and performance records. The registered plan is better fit for seedstock/registered operations to track EPDs, record pedigrees, and interface with breed associations.

CattleMax is web-based, so you can access your records on any device or computer that has an internet connection,  including iPhones, iPads, Androids, and more. It’s as easy as checking a website!

How Online Classes Work

Tips for Getting Organized & Adding Records

  • Bookmark your account – Set a bookmark to quickly and easily access your account. Here’s how.
  • Account settings – Quickly set defaults, add your contact information, and more. Here’s how. 
  • Add individual records – Add individual records with as much or as little information as you want – you can always add more details later. Here’s how.
  • Add records in bulk – Easily add animal records in bulk, similar to a spreadsheet-style view. Here’s how. 
  • Spreadsheet import – Information stored in a spreadsheet can be quickly imported into your account to add new animals or update records. Here’s how.

Importing Records

From Breed Association – CattleMax has interfaces with many cattle breed associations (Registered Cattle plans). Some include the ability to download a copy of your registered cattle records into CattleMax. Here’s how.

From Another System – If you have records in a previous version of CattleMax or from another software program, be sure to wait to hear from us about your records being imported before making any changes in CattleMax. 

Bulk Add – The Bulk Add process is a great way to indicate the same information for a group of cattle. Simply type or copy-paste a list of IDs (such as ear tag), choose values that the animals share (such as breed, owner, pasture, etc.), and those records are quickly added! Here’s how. 

Spreadsheet Import – Quickly and easily import animal details and records using the Spreadsheet Import process. Whether you have just basic inventory records or have multiple record areas, you can save time and effort while having all of your records in one location. Here’s how

Updating Your Records

  • Group Update – A very helpful feature to update your records is Group Update. This is an area where you can choose cattle to update, type the information one time or have a spreadsheet-style view to enter the details quickly. This is also a great way to enter medical treatments. Here’s how.
  • Working with Pastures – Setup pastures and related details. Here’s how.
  • Groups vs Categories – Wondering what the difference is between groups and categories? This will help.
  • Spreadsheet Import – Any information stored in a spreadsheet (including data from a scale system or EID reader), can be easily imported into CattleMax to update your records in one step. Here’s how. 

Reports & Worksheets

  • Working with Reports – A way to get the most from the time and effort of your record keeping tasks is to generate reports and worksheets. Customize with the pre-set reports to fit your needs – Here’s how.
  • Want to create your own report from scratch? Here’s how.
  • Want to Work More with the Reports? – All reports can be printed, saved as PDF, or exported to CSV/Excel format.

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