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Video – Customizing CattleMax

Learn how you can make CattleMax fit your herd Customizing CattleMax   This short video talks about choosing settings, such as setting defaults and enabling/disabling record areas to make your record keeping easier. See more videos about CattleMax

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for Ranchers

Limited Time Savings Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals for Ranchers We are thankful for 24+ years of great customers and supporters! As a way of saying THANK YOU, we are happy to again offer once-a-year specials and deals. These offers reflect lots of planning and discussion with our customer-rancher team to share with you […]

Compared to Cattle Breed Association Software

Compared to Breed Association Software Does CattleMax work better than Breed Association Software? ​ Raising registered/seedstock cattle is a more involved process, especially with managing data and records. Good details are needed to determine how cattle are performing and also for the breed association to generate reliable ratios and EPDs. CattleMax is the hub for […]

Compared to other cattle apps and software

Compared to Other Cattle Apps and Cattle Software Does CattleMax work better than other cattle software? ​ Maybe you’ve used a certain software for years but now the software is no longer a fit for your needs or doesn’t have features or technology to help improve your ranch. Change can be hard but sometimes is […]

Compared to paper-based cattle records

Compared to Paper Records and Cow Cards Does CattleMax work better than paper records? ​ Paper cattle records can be handy and helpful in limited conditions, but they are scattered across multiple places, hard for others to understand (especially handwritten notes), tough to organize, and even more difficult to evaluate cattle and generate needed information. […]

Compared to cattle spreadsheets

Compared to Cattle Spreadsheets Does CattleMax work better than spreadsheets? Cattle spreadsheets can help collect data but are limiting in terms of organized records, ease of understanding by others, and generating reports and lists. Learn how to switch from columns and rows of data (and maybe even multiple tabs) to organized and easy-to-use CattleMax cattle […]

Cattle Information Library

CattleMax Cattle Information Articles Your source for information on beef cattle and cattle management August 15, 2022 Preconditioning Calves – Setting a Foundation Learn more

CattleMax Blog

CattleMax Blog CattleMax product updates and new features Keep up to date with all of the updates to CattleMax by signing up for the newsletter. October 10, 2022 Tell A Rancher Referral program September 14, 2022 View Historical Inventories with the Inventory Time Machine August 15, 2022 Sharing a copy of your CattleMax records with […]


TagMax app for Allflex EID Readers and Tru-Test Scales & EID Readers Efficiently scan and process cattle with your mobile device. TagMax was created to give cattle producers the ability to leverage the power of their Electronic ID readers and Weigh Scales to quickly and accurately collect data in the field. Whether you simply need […]