Springtime calving is in full swing.

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Reports Reports for your ranch CattleMax reports help you discover the truth about your operations performance. You can run reports in categories across your ranch to get a big picture understanding! Start Free Trial Schedule a demo “We use the reporting features heavily before we begin to process animals. For example, if we are getting […]

Customer Management

Customer Management Have the information you need At CattleMax, we know how important customers are. Be sure you have everything you need to make their buying experience enjoyable. CattleMax helps you serve your customer by providing in depth records, reports, and other data for them to make purchasing decisions on.  Start Free Trial Schedule a […]

Ranch Tasks and Calendar

Ranch Tasks and Calendar Stay up to date With so many different things happening in your operation (and a number of those being time sensitive), it is important to keep a calendar. Using this feature in CattleMax gives you the ability to keep up with your dates and know what is to come right alongside […]

Ranch Financial Records

Farm and Ranch Financial Records Financial records for your herd For most cattle producers, the biggest challenge is making a profit. With the CattleMax financial section, you can track the information needed to see how your herd is performing in terms of profits and losses. Easily export to Excel for further analysis or sharing with […]

Rainfall Tracking

Ranch Rainfall Tracking Track Rainfall in Your Operation Tracking rainfall in CattleMax allows you to see your rainfall data in a chart format in the time increment most appropriate for you. When preparing for the hardship that come with to much or to little rain, this feature can provide resourceful data to aid in your […]

Farm Equipment Maintenance

Farm Equipment Maintenance Stay up to date on your equipment status Keeping your farm equipment information in CattleMax allows you to see active and inactive equipment, records models, serial numbers, part numbers, maintenance history, record notes, and create tasks for future maintenance. Start Free Trial Schedule a demo   Manage your equipment We know that […]

Pasture Management

Pasture Management Track pasture activities across your ranch The Pasture Management feature in CattleMax is very powerful and can come in handy during hay season, when assigning tasks, or even during everyday activities on your ranch. The pasture feature allows you to store valuable and pertinent pasture information on the same platform as the rest of […]


Calf Weaning Records Powerful weaning features to get more out of your data When it comes time to wean calves, CattleMax allows you to see exactly how your herd is doing in terms of weights, health, and more. Start Free Trial Schedule a demo   Make weaning time easy Using CattleMax during weaning season helps […]


Calving Records Quickly and efficiently record calvings Let’s face it, calving season can be hectic especially when it comes to record keeping. CattleMax expedites your record keeping processes by keeping all of your records in one place accessible in the field by using a smartphone or tablet. CattleMax makes keeping calving records a breeze.  Start […]

Breeding & Pregnancy

Cattle Breeding and Pregnancy Records All of your cattle reproduction records in one place Storing reproduction records in CattleMax will allow you to see the big picture of your operations breedings and pregnancies. From animal timelines to breeding soundness exams, CattleMax has a place for all of your reproduction records. Start Free Trial Schedule a […]