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Canadian Agricultural Partnership

Compatible Solutions for Canadian Livestock Producers

CattleMax software is used by Canadian producers to manage their herds, keep organized, and save time. CattleMax has the ability to export your records to spreadsheets that can be imported into CCIA’s CLTS database, without the need for any additional data entry. Also, CattleMax can import and export information from BIXS.

Many provinces offer cost-sharing programs. Below is a list of cost-sharing programs we are aware of, grouped by province. Please contact your province’s program for current status and eligibility requirements.

CattleMax serves as a one-stop solution for software and RFID/EID readers. We offer the CattleMax subscriptions through our CattleMax Canada Store, where payment is handled in Canadian dollars and you can purchase multi-year subscriptions.


Alberta producers are eligible for a 70% cost share via rebate on a 1-year subscription of CattleMax. Eligible plans include the CattleMax Commercial plans and CattleMax Registered plans.

The Cow/Calf RFID Technology Adoption Program (Program) provides cow/calf producers a grant on a cost-shared, reimbursement basis for RFID technology. The adoption of cow/calf RFID technology provides both herd management and traceability benefits.

Cow/calf RFID software has specific requirements. Software must enable cow/calf herd management using cattle-specific terminology, and must incorporate common cattle production practices (breeding groups, feeding groups, medical treatments, etc.). To provide herd management benefit, software should be able to accurately collect, store and analyze specific cattle enterprise data (calving percentage, weaning weight, sale weight, etc.). To provide cattle traceability compliance, it must have the ability to track and store individual animal traceability data, and to generate reports that enable movement tracking (shipping dates, sales locations, etc.).

Visit the Canadian Agricultural Partnership in Alberta for additional information on rebates.

If you have any questions about the application process or rebates, please contact:

Myles Sosnowski
Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development
[email protected]


The Canadian Agricultural Partnership has consolidated its Manitoba funding into one program – Ag Action Manitoba.

Manitoba Agriculture administers the Ag Action Manitoba program which supports a wide variety of activities and strategic investments.

British Columbia

While there is not an officially approved list of software, CattleMax should meet the requirements for the Traceability Adoption Program (TAP). See the ARDCorp website for specific details about the program.


Cost-share funding under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership will be merit-based and project funding amounts are individually established based on new and updated project categories.  Please see the program guide

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