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CattleMax – Cattle Record Keeping that Works

Record Keeping for Canadian Cattle Ranchers


Keep records of your cattle herd is essential to track and measure how your cows are producing, and the CattleMax cattle software can help with this process. Having production records to reference when making breeding and culling decisions can easily pay for the time and investment in CattleMax.

Production, Performance and Related Records

Since CattleMax is designed specifically for cattle, tracking complete records can be done in just a few clicks. Breeding records, medical treatments, calving histories and more are designed to be easy to use while offering you a complete cattle record keeping solution.

In addition to tracking production and performance records, you can also maintain additional details such as contacts, calendar of upcoming events, basic income and expense tracking and more.

Generating reports for making decisions

Generating lists and reports is another key area of the CattleMax cattle software. Easily print a list of cattle to check in a pasture, prepare a report of calves that need to be vaccinated, and more. You can even use specific criteria such as date of birth range, weights and more to narrow a report to just cattle that meet a certain criteria. You can even save separate versions of the reports which remembers the columns and settings you have for the report. With the time and effort you make to collect information and enter details into CattleMax, running reports to help with your decision making can really help cattle software pay for itself.

Records synchronized across multiple users, locations and devices

Have multiple users and/or locations? CattleMax makes record keeping among multiple employees and locations is now much easier. Records entered at one place are automatically synchronized so that all of the users and locations have exactly the same records at the same time.

Export Information to CCIA / CLTS and BIXS

With just a few mouse clicks, you can export Births, Movements, and Transfers to a spreadsheet for uploading to the  CCIA CLTS database. Easily meet compliance requirements without additional record keeping duties – just manage your herd in CattleMax.

CattleMax can also export birth information and import carcass data from BIXS.

Cost Sharing Programs

Cost sharing requirements vary by province and we have met requirements in the past. Information on Canadian Agricultural Partnership

Get started now!

Cattle software has certainly evolved over the years, and CattleMax now brings the modern technology of online records to you. CattleMax is web-based, so you can access your records on any computer or mobile device just through an Internet connection. Access your records anytime, anywhere!

With pricing based on the type of ranch (commercial cattle or registered cattle) and number of active animals, CattleMax is a complete, affordable solution for your cattle record needs.

Join farmers and ranchers in over 70 countries that are improving their cattle operations with real-time record keeping.

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