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Mange your pastures with CattleMax

New Pasture Activity records

As cattle producers, pasture management is an essential piece of the puzzle. Managing pastures can involve several steps and correct timing. CattleMax is proud to announce enhancements to the pasture management capabilities included in all CattleMax plans. 

Within the pastures section of CattleMax, you now have the ability to record any and all pastures activities on your ranch, as well as hay production. Inside the pastures profile, hay production & pasture activities now have their own tab as well as a pasture timeline, cattle inventory, and general notes. 

You have the ability to add many types of records and activities. Once you had recorded the activity, that information then populates in the appropriate locations and also on the pasture timeline. 

CattleMax Pasture Timeline

The pasture timeline allows you to see a quick recap of all pasture activities and hay production. 

Also available for the pasture section is powerful reporting capabilities. Included with CattleMax are 5 predefined and customizable pasture reports compiled of your data. These reports help you to see the maintenance and production of your pastures.  

As with other areas in CattleMax, you can import historical Pasture Activities, Hay Production, and Notes via the Spreadsheet Import Tool.

For more information, check out the Help articles on pasture activities. 

We hope you find this new feature helpful for your customers. As always, we welcome feedback and suggestions.

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