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July 21, 2017

How To Manage Your Bottom Line

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As cattle producers, we’re always looking at the bottom line. Simply put – you can’t figure out if your bottom line is positive or negative without good records. It’s essential to find a good herd management system to manage your bottom line. Here’s what works for me.

I started using CattleMax years before I started working at CattleMax. Why did I choose CattleMax? Because as a seedstock producer I wanted to have an easy way to keep my breeding records, inventory, and run reports that I can customize – something that wouldn’t wipe off or get lost. (We were using whiteboards and notebooks to keep track of our cattle records.)

Now I use CattleMax daily to keep up with new calves, breeding, pasture movements, electronic registrations, and marketing my cattle. This makes my cattle operation profitable, manageable, and marketable.


Some producers spend hours looking at EPDs trying to figure out what bull(s) will work best. Others stay with what bull is currently working in the industry. These methods both work, but keeping the data on the calves and dams is where you find your bottom line.

Birth, weaning, and yearling weights tell me who’s working for me and who’s working against me. It’s easy to find out which cows are most efficient:

  • Is she weaning 60% of her weight?
  • Is she a hard keeper?
  • Is she breeding back timely?

CattleMax helps me find this information fast by entering the data, looking at the cow’s record, and running a customized report.


My father and I can log in at the same time from two different locations and go over our herd data. I can enter records, click the refresh button, and he can see the updated information. It’s easy for us to manage our herd by entering breeding records, pregnancy checks, new calves, and pasture movements.

We’re mostly a registered herd operation. CattleMax helps us keep up with our registrations. We submit registrations electronically with the American Angus Association and access data needed for other breed associations. (CattleMax interfaces with over 12 breed organizations.)


We recently sold a set of pairs to a local farmer. He was impressed that I handed him a report with all their vaccinations, ear tags, registration numbers, calf details, breeding status and other information he needed for his records.

When offering our cattle for sale by private treaty, I like to customize a report – including pictures – for our buyers. All the information in one place – paper or email.

This is how I manage my bottom line – how do you manage yours?

Kristen Evans, Marketing Assistant for Cattlesoft, Inc.