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How to import Spreadsheets into CattleMax

New Feature – Spreadsheet Import

Whether you are new to CattleMax, importing new animals or integrating scales and EID, the all new Spreadsheet Import tool is here to help. This tool minimizes human error and saves time by eliminating manual data entry. In just a few quick steps you can import and update you records thanks to the spreadsheet import tool.


Over 20 Spreadsheet Import Areas and growing...​

Save time and import many data on many types of records

Record areas available for importing of spreadsheets include:

  • New Animals including calvings
  • Electronic IDs
  • NLIS Numbers (Australia)
  • NAIT Numbers (New Zealand)
  • OCV Number
  • DNA Barcodes
  • Treatments
  • Breeding Soundness Exam
  • Breeding Records
  • Pregnancy Checks
  • Heats
  • Semen
  • Embryos
  • Flushes
  • Measurements and Weights
  • Carcass Data
  • EPDs (North America)
  • EBVs (Rest of world)
  • Gain Test records
  • Animal Notes
  • Management Codes
  • Show History

Import and link based on any ID method and column headings

Intelligent column mapping helps you match your spreadsheet to CattleMax with less time spent reformatting

Any ID method is supported for linking columns, which makes for easy importing of data whether it be from your own spreadsheet, a weigh scale, marketing group, or breed association.

Using the drop down menus, match your column heading to the predefined heading in CattleMax. 

In addition, CattleMax attempts to match your columns to the corresponding value in CattleMax. If you have extra columns in your spreadsheet, simply click the “Skip” check box and those will be ignored.

Bulk Fill for automatically applying common information

Save time by applying common/shared information to all records

A feature our power users have appreciated has been the Bulk Fill option. This option enables you enter select a field and enter a value to apply to all records imported in the spreadsheet.

This is a helpful way to apply common information such as Status, Animal Type, Breed, Owner, Brand Location, Date, or other values that may not be in your spreadsheet yet need to be included.

Powerful validation prevents incomplete and errors from occurring

Ensure accuracy, integrity, and completeness of your records

Each cell in your spreadsheet is validated with the same standards and requirements as when entering individual records. This ensures you are importing accurate and complete data that will not lead to errors down the line.

If any warnings or errors are found, you will be presented with the specific details and have the opportunity to make the corrections and upload an updated spreadsheet for continuing the import.

For more information, including pre-made spreadsheet templates  check out the Help Article on the Spread Sheet Import Tool.

We hope you find this new feature helpful. As always, we welcome feedback and suggestions

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