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How to track heats in CattleMax

New Feature – Heat Tracking

As cattle producers, breeding season is the most important and influential time of the year. During this crucial time, it is important to have your breeding records, like heat tracking, in order. CattleMax is proud to announce an all new Heat Tracking feature. 

Found under the breeding tab, the heat tacking features included in all CattleMax plans now give you the ability to record heat information like heat score, time and date, and any comments you have. CattleMax automatically includes information like last calving date and last breeding date and automatically calculates an estimated next heat date.  

In addition to creating heats, you can view herd-level details in the Reports section using the predefined Heats report. This report can easily be customized by adding/removing columns. Also, you can specify a criteria such as heat date, cattle group, pasture, category, and more.

Also, you can import historical heats via the Spreadsheet Import Tool.

Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 3.28.08 PM

This reports is easily printed and downloaded in a spreadsheet format for external use. 

For more information, check out the Help Article on Recording Heats. 

We hope you find this new feature helpful for your customers. As always, we welcome feedback and suggestions.

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