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    Kristen Evans

April 23, 2018

3 key resources to manage your herd

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3 key resources to manage your herd

You’re a cattle producer so you know you’ve got to have the right management tools to make profitable decisions.

We’re cattle people too. We understand what you need and how to help you find solutions that fit your needs. That’s why we offer and support these 3 herd management resources.

 Manage – Identify – Measure

 CattleMax: Manage you herd easily on any device, at home, in the pasture or at the office.  Multiple users with custom user permissions to fit your needs.  From health to performance to breeding, production, and sales – you can make better management decisions and become more profitable.

Learn more about CattleMax

Cattle Tags: Identifying and managing your herd is much easier with visual tags, electronic tags (EID) or both. You can use both Visual and EID tags for data collection with CattleMax.

Browse The Cattle Tags Store

Cattle Scales: Measuring your cattle and recording that data in CattleMax allows for precise performance data to be collected and evaluated.  Scales systems and weights also help determine treatment dosages, the rate of gain, weaning weights and more. Make your weights count.

Learn more about cattle scales

Let us help you make better decisions.  Contact one our expert ranch-based team members help you today. 

April 6, 2018

Easy Access & Reporting with CattleMax Breed Interfaces

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Easily access interfaces with a variety of breed associations with the CattleMax software to have a complete solution for your registered cattle record needs.

  • Maintain production records
  • Generate reports for management decisions
  • Print pedigree ads for buyers

By integrating with breed associations, CattleMax enables you to use a cattle record management solution while benefiting from working with your association(s). Such as;

  • Cattle registrations
  • Downloading EPDs
  • Submitting and receiving data electronically and more.

Users are not limited to just one breed, set up as many associations/breeds as you’d like.  For your security and privacy, your breed association does not have access to your CattleMax account. You have complete control. All data that is generated through a breed interface in CattleMax (such as electronic registrations) is in an electronic file that you are able to review before sending or submitting to your association. No data is automatically imported or exported to ensure you have control over your herd management data.

Please note that the availability and features of breed integrations vary from association to association and are prioritized with CattleMax based on customer request.

See all the Breed Association Interfaces

September 13, 2017

The Cowboy Way

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The Cowboy Way

With natural disasters happening all around the U.S., I can’t help think about all the ranchers, farmers, families, and animals affected.

Being located in the central part of the country,  for the most part, dangerous natural disasters consist of tornadoes or thunderstorms.  Here and gone just as quick as they came. Devastation is usually not widespread. There is little preparation, little lead time.

Photo of Hurricane Harvey from NOAA

Hurricane Harvey & Irma both lived up to their forecasts and warnings, most moved cattle & other livestock to higher ground.  In some cases, even the higher ground wasn’t as “high” as they assumed. Ranchers in the west moved cattle away from the fires, back to the home place or further out where they could get away from the flames.

Seeing photo’s of the Cowboys and Cowgirls out wading into what was their pastures – that are now rivers in most places, get’s my heart pumping, mind blown.  Ranchers on the opposite side of the country moving cattle in drought conditions while fighting fires & a continuous haze.  Pulling water wagons with them just in case they need to protect themselves.

While my heart breaks for everyone affected, I can’t help but be inspired by the hard working cow folks that are working day and night – dirty, wet, covered in ash and exhausted – trying to save their herds – their livelihoods.

God Bless those fighting mother nature, I am beyond inspired by your toughness and “Cowboy Way”.

For those of us that are not affected directly – let’s dig deep and help our fellow cattlemen and women.

Texas Farm Bureau-


Montana Wildfire Relief- from Northern Ag


Kristen Evans, Marketing Assistant for Cattlesoft, Inc.

September 12, 2017

Annual Hereford Meeting and Angus Convention

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CattleMax will be at the upcoming American Hereford Annual Meeting and at the Angus Convention. Come join us and see CattleMax in action!

AHA Annual Membership Meeting and Conference

Oct. 27-28

The Westin Kansas City at Crown Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

“The weekend schedule will include an educational forum and trade show on Friday and the Annual Meeting on Saturday morning. The Hereford Honorees reception will honor this year’s Hereford Heritage Hall of Fame recipients as well as the Hereford Youth Foundation of America (HYFA) scholarship winners. The event will be hosted at The Gallery in downtown Kansas City starting at 6 p.m. with food and drinks followed by the awards program. Busses will be available beginning at 5:30 p.m. to take attendees to the event.”

Angus Convention 

November 4-6, 2017

Fort Worth Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texas.

Find us at Booth 955.

“From outstanding educational seminars to nationally known entertainment, the 2017 Angus Convention is an event you won’t want to miss. Nearly 2,000 cattlemen participated in the 2016 Angus Convention. And, as plans take shape for the 2017 Angus Convention, there’s even more in store for Angus producers and their partners.”

Hope to see you in Kansas City or Fort Worth!

The CattleMax Team

August 28, 2017

Preconditioning Calves – Setting a Foundation

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Now a day’s feedlot and grass calf buyers are wanting calves that are ready to finish – no extra work needed.  More up-front work leads to less stress when the calf is weaned and sold – and a good premium in my pocket.

Setting up a good preconditioning plan is a fail-safe way to help your calves bring top dollar at your local auction.  

Let’s start from the beginning; genetics.  Genetics have a part in the weight and overall gain of the animal – pick a bull that will work for your herd.

Secondly, focus on health – get the calf’s immune system ready for whatever it might encounter. Start with a good regimen or protocol of vaccinations and keep track of what, when and how it was administered.  

We start our calves off, within a day or two of birth, with a Multi-Mineral shot and an ear tag.  Within a couple months we will follow-up with a series of vaccinations set by our preconditioning program.  Our program is set by baseline vaccinations (BVD, etc.) and regional vaccinations (pink eye, blackleg, etc.).  At weaning the calves get their final set of shots, banding (for bull calves) and weight recorded.  This is the most influential time for the calf, keeping a watchful eye for stress or infection is key.

Nutrition becomes a large part of your profitability.  Our calves are placed on a creep feed as early as 2 months.  It’s not only good for the calf, but the dam as well.  Placing less stress and better gain at the time of weaning provides a good foundation for the calf.

Keeping good records supporting your program is beneficial you and your buyers.  Each vaccination is recorded, along with dates, weaning information and weights.  I use CattleMax to record this data and provide it at delivery or sale. I’ve found it’s the easy way to record, track, and share this critical information.

What is your preconditioning program?

Kristen Evans, Marketing Assistant for Cattlesoft, Inc.

August 23, 2017

What is the difference between a Farmer and Rancher?

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While on a conference call with our CattleMax team, we had a little friendly debate – What is the difference between a Farmer and a Rancher?

I am from the Midwest, here, I am a farmer.  Granted I have no crops to harvest (except for tomatoes and such in the garden), but I am a farmer. My Texas and Montana counterparts –  well, they are all Ranchers.

When I first started with the Cattle Tags Store I remember telling my team leader “I am really having to watch what I say depending on the location of the customer”.  “Howdy – where are you from?  Texas?  Great, what type of tags do you use on your RANCH?”  Ohio?  Great, how many head of cattle do you run on your FARM?”

Let’s get technical – Actual definitions from the Dictionary:

I know… not very helpful!

Now let’s google it (Google knows everything right?)

Where is the boundary in which a farmer becomes a rancher and rancher into a farmer?

So my question is – What are you?

Kristen Evans, Marketing Assistant for Cattlesoft, Inc.

July 21, 2017

How To Manage Your Bottom Line

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As cattle producers, we’re always looking at the bottom line. Simply put – you can’t figure out if your bottom line is positive or negative without good records. It’s essential to find a good herd management system to manage your bottom line. Here’s what works for me.

I started using CattleMax years before I started working at CattleMax. Why did I choose CattleMax? Because as a seedstock producer I wanted to have an easy way to keep my breeding records, inventory, and run reports that I can customize – something that wouldn’t wipe off or get lost. (We were using whiteboards and notebooks to keep track of our cattle records.)

Now I use CattleMax daily to keep up with new calves, breeding, pasture movements, electronic registrations, and marketing my cattle. This makes my cattle operation profitable, manageable, and marketable.


Some producers spend hours looking at EPDs trying to figure out what bull(s) will work best. Others stay with what bull is currently working in the industry. These methods both work, but keeping the data on the calves and dams is where you find your bottom line.

Birth, weaning, and yearling weights tell me who’s working for me and who’s working against me. It’s easy to find out which cows are most efficient:

  • Is she weaning 60% of her weight?
  • Is she a hard keeper?
  • Is she breeding back timely?

CattleMax helps me find this information fast by entering the data, looking at the cow’s record, and running a customized report.


My father and I can log in at the same time from two different locations and go over our herd data. I can enter records, click the refresh button, and he can see the updated information. It’s easy for us to manage our herd by entering breeding records, pregnancy checks, new calves, and pasture movements.

We’re mostly a registered herd operation. CattleMax helps us keep up with our registrations. We submit registrations electronically with the American Angus Association and access data needed for other breed associations. (CattleMax interfaces with over 12 breed organizations.)


We recently sold a set of pairs to a local farmer. He was impressed that I handed him a report with all their vaccinations, ear tags, registration numbers, calf details, breeding status and other information he needed for his records.

When offering our cattle for sale by private treaty, I like to customize a report – including pictures – for our buyers. All the information in one place – paper or email.

This is how I manage my bottom line – how do you manage yours?

Kristen Evans, Marketing Assistant for Cattlesoft, Inc.