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April 23, 2018

3 key resources to manage your herd

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3 key resources to manage your herd

You’re a cattle producer so you know you’ve got to have the right management tools to make profitable decisions.

We’re cattle people too. We understand what you need and how to help you find solutions that fit your needs. That’s why we offer and support these 3 herd management resources.

 Manage – Identify – Measure

 CattleMax: Manage you herd easily on any device, at home, in the pasture or at the office.  Multiple users with custom user permissions to fit your needs.  From health to performance to breeding, production, and sales – you can make better management decisions and become more profitable.

Learn more about CattleMax

Cattle Tags: Identifying and managing your herd is much easier with visual tags, electronic tags (EID) or both. You can use both Visual and EID tags for data collection with CattleMax.

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Cattle Scales: Measuring your cattle and recording that data in CattleMax allows for precise performance data to be collected and evaluated.  Scales systems and weights also help determine treatment dosages, the rate of gain, weaning weights and more. Make your weights count.

Learn more about cattle scales

Let us help you make better decisions.  Contact one our expert ranch-based team members help you today. 

April 6, 2018

Easy Access & Reporting with CattleMax Breed Interfaces

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Easily access interfaces with a variety of breed associations with the CattleMax software to have a complete solution for your registered cattle record needs.

  • Maintain production records
  • Generate reports for management decisions
  • Print pedigree ads for buyers

By integrating with breed associations, CattleMax enables you to use a cattle record management solution while benefiting from working with your association(s). Such as;

  • Cattle registrations
  • Downloading EPDs
  • Submitting and receiving data electronically and more.

Users are not limited to just one breed, set up as many associations/breeds as you’d like.  For your security and privacy, your breed association does not have access to your CattleMax account. You have complete control. All data that is generated through a breed interface in CattleMax (such as electronic registrations) is in an electronic file that you are able to review before sending or submitting to your association. No data is automatically imported or exported to ensure you have control over your herd management data.

Please note that the availability and features of breed integrations vary from association to association and are prioritized with CattleMax based on customer request.

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