Springtime calving is in full swing.

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Calving Kit Must-Haves

CattleMax Team Calving Kit

Our team of ranchers put together a Calving Kit with all the essentials that they keep in their calving boxes and also some tips that they have found helpful!


Calving Kit Checklist

Ear Tags
Electronic ID Tags
Tag Pens
Vaccines & Syringes
Weighing Platform or Scale
Colostrum & Electrolytes
Probiotic Paste
Naval Guard or Iodine
Calving chains & handles
OB gloves
Paper towels
Pigging String or Floss


Tips & Suggestions

Austin: Keeping a current record of your calves as they are born will help ensure that no calf or important information is missed. ”We have a scale that attaches to the front or back of our UTV to help us weigh the calf. It also allows us to tag, give probiotics, and spay the navel before we send it back on with its mom. The scale is also nice as it keeps that calf at hip height so you can stay on your feet, and the momma can also be right there to check on her calf.” 

Bayleigh: Always keep colostrum and electrolytes on hand. “You never know when you may need them and don’t want to have to spend time driving to town and back when trying to save a calf.”

Danise: “Have a large towel and a tag applicator in the calving box”. They use a manual scale with a calf sling that attaches to the hitch on the back of the ATV.

Dawn: “With this years yet conditions in Idaho (extremely wet this year), to liberally use naval guard or good ole iodine on navels within a few hours to help with the drying process and to keep away the bugs that can cause naval infection.”

Jacqueline: Having the proper medications on hand is crucial. “In addition, we always ensure we have tags and colostrum, and the newest additions to our calving arsenal are calving coats. Those have been a lifesaver for pasture calving in the colder states like Wyoming in the springtime.”

Jessa: Having medications on hand as well as tags, colostrum, and vaccines. Proper facilities and safe handling equipment for the rancher and the animal are also very important. “In an emergency where intervention is needed, having a chute and a small pen is crucial to save time and efficiently work to get a breech calf out or assist a calf that’s too weak to suckle from its mom on its own.”

Jimmy: Suggests having the following supplies in your calving box: calving chains, OB gloves, lube, head snare or halter, EID tags, Iodine, paper towels, and pigging string. He also uses a small animal platform in the back of the RTV with load bars and a scale indicator. “We like to weigh within the first 12 hours, if possible, 24 at the latest. We also put an EID in each calf’s ear when weighing.”

Kristen: Always keep medications for emergencies on hand and be proactive with post-birth vaccinations. “Knowing you have what you need at a moment’s notice can save your calf’s or cow’s life”. 

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