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CattleMax App

How to use CattleMax on your mobile device

Add a CattleMax icon to your home screen​

Conveniently access CattleMax like any other app

You won’t find a CattleMax app in any of the App Stores because CattleMax is designed to run on any device with a web browser and without installing any apps or special software.

To easily access your CattleMax account as you would a native app installed on your device, simply add a Home Screen shortcut. Click the link below to learn how to do this.

Download the TagMax app​

Use Weigh Scales and RFID Readers offline with CattleMax

If you need to connect a digital weigh scale or RFID reader to your mobile device and CattleMax, download our free TagMax app for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Sessions mode offers offline data collection from your connected devices and manual entry of information. CattleMax mode enables you to scan an animal’s RFID tag and pull up its record in CattleMax for additional entry.

How to use CattleMax offline

When working cattle, some ranchers find working with records in Excel/spreadsheet format more manageable for the conditions. This is an excellent idea for times when Internet access is unavailable and multiple people are helping to work the cattle. CattleMax has an easy-to-use and straightforward process to import data from spreadsheets.

Some farmers and ranchers prefer to have worksheets to make notes and record information while at the chute or working pens. Printing pre-filled worksheets are a great way to collect data when mobile devices are not available or are not the best fit for the situation.

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