Registered Cattle

Being a registered cattle producer, you are tracking much more complete and in-depth records for your cattle buyers as well as cattle breed associations. Keeping up with the all of the details, such as sire and dam records, weights, management codes and scores is much easier with CattleMax. Here are a few of the many ways CattleMax can make a difference:

Track complete registered cattle production records

Spend your time making decisions and talking with prospective buyers – no more trying to read scribbled notes or finding your paper notebook for a newborn calf’s information or the details of the last medical treatment you gave the cow. Entering animal details as they occur helps ensure you have accurate and complete details all of the time and for easily submitting information to a breed association.

Show pictures and 3-generation pedigrees

Pedigrees are key to registered cattle and pictures can really help you show buyers the quality of your cattle before they even arrive on the ranch. Easily print or save a report of an animal’s picture and pedigree to send via email or to have with you as you are in the pastures.

Generate management reports and inventory lists

Need a list of cattle in a certain pasture? Deciding which bulls to breed to which cows? Want to generate a report of expenses for the last year? All of these and more can be generated in just a few clicks. Customize existing reports, save your own versions of them, or even start new ones from scratch. The flexible reporting options of CattleMax fit the needs of registered cattle producers of all herd sizes.

Save time and effort with breed association interfaces

CattleMax interfaces with a number of registered cattle breed associations. Why duplicate your record keeping for the association when you already have everything in CattleMax? Depending on an association’s capabilities, CattleMax may be able to help you submit calf information electronically for registrations, download herd inventory records and EPDs and more. Options vary by association.

Access records anytime, anywhere

Since CattleMax is web-based, your records can easily be accessed by others anytime, anywhere you choose. This is especially helpful in situations where some personnel may be in one location and others/owners are in another, or a family ranch where the child/grandchild is in a different city but need access to the records. No more sending herd files back and forth, wondering if you have the most current version, etc. A record you add or change is immediately synchronized across all users and devices so everyone always has the most current information.

The mobile friendly version of CattleMax enables you to see records in the pasture, at the working pens, or even in town. Carry an iPad in the vehicle for buyers? Show them records, pictures and even reports and flyers all in real-time!