Record Keeping for American Hereford Association members

cattle records for Hereford Make your record keeping easier for your registered Hereford cattle by using CattleMax!

A new way to manage your records

CattleMax Online is the complete cattle software solution with the benefits of any-time, any-where access!

Complete production and performance records: CattleMax’s intuitive design works alongside the cattle production cycle. Breeding, palpation/pregnancy check and calving records work together seamlessly to ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date details of your records. No more wondering which cows are calving on what date – just click a button in CattleMax for a list!

Reports and graphs to show herd performance : Generating lists and analyzing performance can easily pay for the time and resources of using CattleMax. Generate reports and lists just as you want them. Quickly make separate versions of reports you access often, such as setting criteria by pasture, sire, age and more!

American Hereford Interface details

As a member of the American Hereford Association, there are a number of additional benefits to have CattleMax your complete record solution:

Importing Herd Extracts

Save hours of time and effort by having your Hereford herd extract imported right into CattleMax! Details including your active cattle ID/registration numbers, 3-generation pedigrees, weights and current EPDs will quickly have you on the path to improved records!

Managing TPR Inventory

As a progressive breeder, you already know how helpful TPR is to ensure complete and accurate records are submitted to the AHA. Easily download and send inventory changes/updates electronically – no more mailing paper lists back and forth!

Submitting Registration, Weaning, and Yearling data

Sending performance records can be time-consuming plus mistakes can be overlooked which cause delays. In CattleMax, simply choose which cattle you are submitting records for, and you will be alerted to possible problems with your records. Easily make changes as needed and the data is ready to send.

Downloading EPD and Performance Updates

Updating EPDs and performance records is simple. Just download the files from the AHA, then choose them in CattleMax – the records are automatically matched by registration numbers.