Compared to CattleMax CS cattle software

CattleMax CS was originally released in February of 2008 and last updated in March of 2010. Since that time, many suggestions and requests could not be implemented because they were limited by the CattleMax software foundation that was developed over 15 years ago.

With CattleMax Online developed from the ground-up and independent of the desktop version, much needed foundation work has been revamped and modernized to better fit with current practices and needs. In addition, being web-based for access from any computer or mobile device has been a top request and is now available with CattleMax Online.

At a Glance…

CattleMax Online CattleMax CS
Ease of use Improved Good
Mobile (iPad, iPhone, Android) Yes No
Support Available Yes Ended Summer 2013
Backups Automatic Manual
Updates Automatically applied Manual download
Search All Animals By Animal Type
Multi-user support Yes No
Permission settings per user Yes No
Requires Internet Yes No


Integrated breeding, pregnancy check, and calving records for more intelligent updating

One of the most popular requests from CattleMax CS was for a tighter integration across the production cycle. CattleMax Online uses signals and events from your record keeping to help maintain the list of cows due to calve.

After entering a breeding record, an estimated calving date is calculated for use on the Calvings screen. If a pregnancy check and days/months pregnant is entered, this information is used to revise the estimated calving date. She is removed from the Calving list after she has her calf, is confirmed open by pregnancy check, or flushed.

Enhanced Grouping with Cattle Groups and the all new Smart Groups

Easily organize groups of cattle for batch updating and reporting with the groups feature. The Groups are a great way of organizing your cattle into separate herds such as replacement heifers, stocker calves, feeder calves, etc.

The all new Smart Group feature enables you to define groups based on criteria (e.g. criteria. animal type, status, category, pasture) rather than having to manually select the cattle. Smart Groups automatically add and remove cattle based on your criteria, so it is a truly set-it-and-forget-it group.


CattleMax Online uses a different pricing structure than past versions. This is part due to the fact that it is now a hosted application residing on our servers and partly to make it easier for those interested in CattleMax to get started with minimal commitment.  Instead of charging a large up-front fee, a small monthly (or yearly) rate is charged as long as you are a CattleMax customer.

CattleMax Online CattleMax CS
Price Starts at $5/month
(avg. $16/mo)
Started at $125
(avg. $250)
Upgrades Included $62.50 – $247.50
Additional Computers / Users Included $50/computer
Online Backup Included $60/year

 Inline Herd Update so you never lose your place

When viewing a list of cattle, simply check the checkbox beside one or more animal records and the new Herd Update tabs will appear at the top of the list. After choosing an area to update (treatments, pastures, categories, calfhood, and more), simply enter the details and the records will be applied to all of the checked animals. Unlike previous versions, there is no need to leave the screen you are on nor is there any need to re-select cattle.

Powerful reporting without all of the complexities of the Access Companion

The new CattleMax Online reporting blends the ease of use of CattleMax CS’s customizable list with the power of the Access Companion’s Report Wizard. You can customize reports in areas including columns, sorting, and criteria. Also, you are no longer limited to a single copy of a report – create as many reports as you want.

Access your records from any Internet-connected device, including PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones.

CattleMax Online is accessed via your web browser, just like you would access a web-based email service such as Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail. No more software to download, no more additional licenses to buy, and no more online backups to worry about. Mac users will appreciate that VMWare & Parallels are no longer needed.

Mobile-optimized version to format data for easy retrieval and entry from the field

Mobile device support has been a top request for many years from CattleMax CS customers. CattleMax Online’s mobile-friendly version formats your cattle records for optimal viewing on small screens such as iPhones and Androids. The mobile version makes it easy for entering data in the pasture.

Multi-user support with individual account permissions

With CattleMax Online, all of your cattle information is entered in to a single place. You no longer have to worry about remembering who has the latest copy of your herd file or even which computer the latest version is on.  Each person has their own login and password and you can define a role for users (administrator, editor, viewer, reporter) to limit what the user can do.

And much more…

  • Pastures screen shows date animal was moved to pasture and how many days in
  • New Calendar-view for viewing events on a 30-day calendar
  • Add New screen now allows for entry of all cattle records instead a limited number of fields – no more having to go back and edit an animal’s record after adding it.
  • More international-friendly – choose your country/region and have CattleMax Online feel like it is designed just for you. Internalization includes acres/hectares, pounds/kilograms, first day of week for calendars, and date format
  • Search for an animal anywhere. Ever forget what group or pasture a cow is in and still need to find her? Now just type any one of her identifications in the search box to find her.
  • Unlimited custom fields for cattle
  • Unlimited tags (flags) for contacts
  • Archiving of Cattle Groups to hide unused Cattle Groups without having to actually delete them