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September 13, 2017

The Cowboy Way

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The Cowboy Way

With natural disasters happening all around the U.S., I can’t help think about all the ranchers, farmers, families, and animals affected.

Being located in the central part of the country,  for the most part, dangerous natural disasters consist of tornadoes or thunderstorms.  Here and gone just as quick as they came. Devastation is usually not widespread. There is little preparation, little lead time.

Photo of Hurricane Harvey from NOAA

Hurricane Harvey & Irma both lived up to their forecasts and warnings, most moved cattle & other livestock to higher ground.  In some cases, even the higher ground wasn’t as “high” as they assumed. Ranchers in the west moved cattle away from the fires, back to the home place or further out where they could get away from the flames.

Seeing photo’s of the Cowboys and Cowgirls out wading into what was their pastures – that are now rivers in most places, get’s my heart pumping, mind blown.  Ranchers on the opposite side of the country moving cattle in drought conditions while fighting fires & a continuous haze.  Pulling water wagons with them just in case they need to protect themselves.

While my heart breaks for everyone affected, I can’t help but be inspired by the hard working cow folks that are working day and night – dirty, wet, covered in ash and exhausted – trying to save their herds – their livelihoods.

God Bless those fighting mother nature, I am beyond inspired by your toughness and “Cowboy Way”.

For those of us that are not affected directly – let’s dig deep and help our fellow cattlemen and women.

Texas Farm Bureau-


Montana Wildfire Relief- from Northern Ag


Kristen Evans, Marketing Assistant for Cattlesoft, Inc.