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August 23, 2017

What is the difference between a Farmer and Rancher?

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While on a conference call with our CattleMax team, we had a little friendly debate – What is the difference between a Farmer and a Rancher?

I am from the Midwest, here, I am a farmer.  Granted I have no crops to harvest (except for tomatoes and such in the garden), but I am a farmer. My Texas and Montana counterparts –  well, they are all Ranchers.

When I first started with the Cattle Tags Store I remember telling my team leader “I am really having to watch what I say depending on the location of the customer”.  “Howdy – where are you from?  Texas?  Great, what type of tags do you use on your RANCH?”  Ohio?  Great, how many head of cattle do you run on your FARM?”

Let’s get technical – Actual definitions from the Dictionary:

I know… not very helpful!

Now let’s google it (Google knows everything right?)

Where is the boundary in which a farmer becomes a rancher and rancher into a farmer?

So my question is – What are you?

Kristen Evans, Marketing Assistant for Cattlesoft, Inc.