4 Benefits of Cattle Management in the Cloud

This is the second part of the presentation I recently gave on cattle management in the cloud to attendees at the 2012 Texas A&M Beef Cattle Short Course. The first part can be found at What does “Cattle Management in the Cloud” mean?

Comparing cloud-based software to traditional desktop-based software can be challenging, particularly when trying to fit one in to the mold of the other.  However, when comparing the strengths of each, the cloud offers some tremendous benefits.  Here are a few…

1. Access your records from anywhere

With cloud-based agriculture software, you can now access your records from work, home, the ranch, and even the pasture – all while ensuring you are working with the latest version of your records. There is no more synchronizing to worry about.

Desktop-based customers have worked around this in the past by using online back up services, email, and flash drives. However, it only takes one time to get files mixed up and overwrite a newer version with an older. Fortunately the cloud takes care of all of this.

2. Share records family, employees, and advisors

Keeping everyone “in the loop” has always been a challenge with cattle records, even when you are caught up on the records. With true multi-user support, anyone that is granted access can look up information, work with the records, and generate reports.

Customers already using our CattleMax Online cloud-based software have been pleased with the number of phone calls eliminated when others can access the records on their own instead of calling in to the record keeper.

3. Works on all of your computing devices

Years ago we were mostly a Windows-only world. However, with the rise in Mac popularity including iPhones and iPads as well as the creation of low-cost Android-based devices, we are now in a diverse computing world.

With cloud-based software being accessible from any device with a web browser, it no longer matters what operating system or device you are using.

4. Less PC headaches

With our desktop-based softwares, we found that over half of our support was due to PC issues (activation, reinstalling, downloading updates, etc). Customers were just spending a lot of time on IT.

With the cloud, you can easily change computers and not have to worry with downloading, installing, updating, or troubleshooting any software.

Using technology to better manage your operation

Traditionally, agriculture has been a few years behind the technology curve; however, the cloud brings new technologies to ag much quicker which helps ranchers better manage their operations.

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